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TraviS Scott


TraviS Scott

12 Disciples

I'm floating high, don't talk to me
I'm rolling high, don't bother me
So follow me, yeah come and follow me
In the night streets, dim the lights please

What the fuck they want?
I'm drunk as hell, fuck work today
I wanna get some tail, damn my little nigga graduated
Man I wish him well, now there's no more breaking them pies
And making that bail for them scales!
Step across that fence, and thats your life
When I run that town, That whip about town size
4 Chains, they hang on my neck, was dipped in that brown rice
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You think something wrong cause your shit don't shine bright
But ain't nothing wrong because your shit don't shine bright!

It was Friday, what a night what a situation
My nigga chase momma called cause he missed that graduation
He told her momma please, have a drink have a little bit patience
Cause soon we would be riding in a car with a little ventilation
Pastor said that we gotta move to congregation
I'm looking for salvation but I'm drowning in the revelations
XX revolution its a inauguration to the whole nation
If it ain't no head, no sex, then its masturbation!