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Market Forces

There were no tank columns around
No soldiers firing into crowds
The day that Market Forces came to town

Protectionism failed us
They kicked the levies down
The day that market forces came to town

They took health, education, government
While we went on shopping benders in their detention centers

In a black whirl of addicted swoon
The consumer is consumed
And this is their battle tune

Come with us, everyone raise your hands
Together in celebration
'Cos we've got the perfect plan
We're one big connected nation

In our workplace they broke up resistance cells
Not passionate about your job, You are an infidel

And all the universities churn out business minds
No student radicals round here they all got privatized

Get fucked capitalism, sorry
GFC won the battle not the war
'Cos debt is recovery

We might have known Big Brother would end up a show on TV
Orwell's ghost looks knowingly, freed and savory

Come with us, the future is ours to be
And changes of information
Cos culture is tyranny
The past is a limitation
We've got the technology
To follow our aspirations
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There was no angel of death
No lamb's blood upon the door
Just some kid at Centerlink saying
They don't need your type no more

I never thought they'd come for me, right here in my home
I never made any connection between the illness and my new phone
Apparently they found the cure in some lab in Japan
But never manufactured it cos costs exceed demand
As I took my final breath the doctor held my hand
He said it's just market forces son, I know you'll understand

Come with us, empowering the oppressed with instant communication
And bringing down governments with freedom of information
We're smashing the boundaries of darkness and subjugation
The past was so wild and free our dreams can mean realization
To choose a reality of government mancipation
We're making our history

Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us
Come with Us....