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Root, Shoot, Marry

In your younger years you swap around ideas
Like people that you meet in bars
Sometimes they're keepers or one night sleepers
Sometimes it's just au revoir

To prove you're not a pleb
You need a cool celeb
A way of life that can be lived
But how do you pick the shit
from something thats the shit
I got this idea from TV

Root, Shoot, Marry
The quality of the philosophy
Where it's got to be down to a choice of three
Root, Shoot, Marry
Is it seminal, is it the venerable
or just a waste of time in general

Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah

Existentialism, well it really isn't a pit for more than just a fling
Though if all heart wind if your beard is indie it can be a fashion thing
Some halls of residence, semi-feminist will quote you from the second sex
Then turn into their mum their rebellion is to be the token hooker at the fancy dress

Root, Shoot, Marry
Is it quotation, is it vocation, will I survive the TV style elimination
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Root, Shoot, Marry
Is it a soul mate, cameo role mate, not with someone else's ten foot pole mate

Train fanatics (Root, Shoot, Marry)
Drain fanatics
Straight edge (Root, Shoot, Marry)
Burners of hedge
Family first against parenting (Root, Shoot, Marry)
Luddites into geocaching
The society for not letting the Boogeyman in (Root, Shoot, Marry)
People fighting people who are fighting things

Just like tattoos some things will stay with you
Whether you like them or not
Like the ink of Rico, go peek out of your window
although some think it's a just plot
Of all the big life missions got to be religion, We all want security
In this human race all things have their place, except Reiki

Root, Shoot, Marry
What's it gonna be, sing along with me, everybody get into the stupidity
Root, Shoot, Marry
Are you right mate, get in the climate, and act just like a knuckle dragging primate
Root, Shoot, Marry
(Woo, oh)

Root, Shoot, Marry
(Woo, oh)