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R. Kelly


R. Kelly

Same Girl (with Usher)

Yo Ush
What up Kells
Wannaduce you to this girl, I think I really love this girl
Man she so fine
Straight up dawg
She stand about 5'4' coka cola red bone
She drives a black Durango license plate say 'Angel' tattoo on her ankle
Plus she's making pesos
got a crib on Peach street right on 17th street
And I call her 'TT'
Wait a minute hold on dawg.Do she got a kid?
Loves some Waffle House?
Do she got a beauty mark on her left side of her mouth
Went to Georgia Tech
Works for TBS
Man I can't believe this shit damn
Tell me whats wrong dawg, what the hell you damnin about
Im your homie so just say whats on your mind
Man I didn't know that you were talking bout her
So man your telling me you know her
Do I know her? like a pastor know his word

We messing with the same girl same girl
How could the love of my life, and my potential wife be the
Same girl same girl
Man I can't believe that we've been messing with the
Same girl same girl
Thought she someone that I can trust
but she's been doubling up with us
You, can't, man we've been messing with the same girl

See I met her at this party in Atlanta
Well I met her at this party in Chicago
She came right up to me givin me conversation
I said do you got a man she said no, with no hesitation
Well it must be a music thing cause she said the same to me
had her body all in my face, while I'm laughin and buyin her drinks

She whispered in my ear and said can you take me home
me too
Man she was in the Chi singin that same song
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is that true?
And I thought it was true confessions when she said
I love you
Man I thought her body was calling when she said
I want you
See I even got some pictures on my phone
Look there man she is with some boy shorts on

We messing with the same girl same girl
shes the apple of my eye, and my potential wife
Same girl same girl
Man I just can't believe that we've been messing round with the
Same damn girl
same girl same girl
Thought she someone that I can trust
but she's been doubling up with both of us
You, ayy can't, ayy man we've been messing with the same girl

She said she got me on her ringtone
Are you talking about the pink phone?
uh-uh, the blue one
Man she told me that was turned off
Its obvious that shes been playing us playing us
cause constantly she's been lyin to us lyin to us
Don't like the way that she's been goin bout it goin bout it
Kells what you think that we should do about it do about it
Call her up at her home, she won't know that Im on the phone
Yeah man that's a plan
Homie we about to bust this trick
Man just tell her to meet up with you and Im gonna show up too
And she won't know what to do
We'll be standing there singing

same girl same girl
She's was the apple of my eye, and your potential wife
Same girl same girl
I can't believe we've been messing with the same girl
Same girl same girl
You, can't, man we've been messing with the same girl
See she was taken flights
going back and forth
I would pick her up at the Airport
Man I really can't believe
Same girl same girl
Hey. The same girl same girl


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