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R. Kelly


R. Kelly

Happy People (with DJ Skit)

Ladies and gentlemen
This here is another one for the steppas
DJ Wayne Williams
Put the record on

whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh whoa yeah
whoa yeah
whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh whoa yeah
whoa, whoa

Tell me what do we do
When the DJ's playin our favorite groove
We step
To when
The whole night through
and what do we do when we're all dressed up and in the mood
we step
to what
A steppers groove
Where do we go soon as the weekends gets here
The club
To party and have some fun
What is it that,
Can come and take away all your stress, tell me
No further questions, you have passed my test

Happy People
(yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Keeps the world turnin... o yeah... turnin
Oh I belive that, happy people
(Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Keeps us all dancin'(dancin)
Whoa... Happy People
(Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Keeps us all stepin(steppin)
Wooo... and Happy people
(yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Keeps the music groovin... grovin
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I wanna get dressed,
I wanna go out,
Can you tell me where the spot is?
Where the party is all night,
And everybodys havin a good time
I wanna get nice,
I wanna get loud,
Can you tell me where the spot is?
Come on and take me to that place,
Where there ain't nuthin but happy--

Whoa, happy, happy, happy
Happy people
(Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah)
They Keep the world turnin, turnin, turnin
I'm talkin about
Happy people,
(Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah)
They keep the world dancin, dancin, dancin
oooo Happy people
(Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah)
Keep the world steppin, steppin, steppin
Nuthin but happy people
(Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah)
Keeps the world groovin, grooooooooovin
uh uh uh, alright, uh uh

Now if you wanna step
U gotta play it by the rules
You gotta do what I do
When I do, what I do

step to the left, step to the right
spin around and break it down tonight
bring it on up, move in close
let me see you and your partner stroll (Repeat4x)


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