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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手R. Kelly混音城市精選首部曲(Remix City Volume 1)Your Body's Callin'

R. Kelly


R. Kelly

Your Body's Callin'

I hear you calling
Here I come baby to save you
Baby no more stalling
These hands have been longing to touch you, babe

And now that you come around to see it my way
You won't regret it baby and you surely won't forget it baby
It's unbelievable how your body's calling for me...(shhhh)
I can just hear it calling, calling me

My body's(body)
Calling(babe) for you
( I can hear it calling babe)

Tell me..
What's your desire?
Baby your wish is my will oh yes it is..
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Let me take you higher
And show you how you should feel baby

So speak now or forever hold your body
Whatever it is you want from me(Lady)
You see you don't have to say nothing
Knowing your body wants something
And its easy for me to see
that your body is calling me

I'm listening baby
I hear you calling me

Hear your body calling me


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