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The Kiss

I'm gonna kill this bitch
I'm gonna kill her
I'm going to fucking jail
'Cause I'm gonna kill
this bitch
Yo, man
I don't know
I gotta really really bad feeling about this
Man would you shut the fuck up Gary?
You always gotta bad feeling, man
That's her car right there
Aight, let me park
Just park
I'm parkin'!
Turn the car off, dawg
Aight, we wait.
We wait for what?
We wait 'till she comes out and then I'm gonna fucking kill her
Man you ain't gonna kill no one
Man, shut the fuck up dog
What the fuck did you bring that for?
Just shut up! The fuckin clip is empty
Man, don't point that shit at me
It's not even loaded, bitch! Look
God, I fuckin hate it when you do that shit
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Yeah, but its funny as fuck
Quit fucking 'round, or I'm gonna kill you one of these days, I swear
Gets you every time!
Is that her?
Right there, motherfucker!
Oohh yeah

Aight, get down, get down
That's her, that's her
Get down!
What the fuck?
You want me to get under the car?
Yo, who she walkin' with?
How the fuck am I supposed to know?
You told me to duck down
It's the fuckin' bouncer
Did she just kiss him?
I don't think so
Dawg, she just fuckin' kissed him
No she didn't
She's kissin' him, dawg
No, she's not
Oh, shit!
Come on, motherfucker!


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