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The List

im angry as hell you get sent off like envelopes in the mail
im underground yea im raisin up hell
who think they raw gets blazed up like steaks in the grill
feed rick ross a live gernade what an explosive meal
drakes a bitch with a fake persona
faker then the show he was on a
beat chris brown when im dressed up as Rihanna
drag niki minaj by her wieves and bring her back to her mama (lil kim)
i dont break a sweat even if i laid in the sauna
break a thermatoter im hotter than the volts in your monitor
assault and slaughter them poor salt in there wounds
in the same body parts again
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a track killer the fact spitta whos Mac Milla?
he looks like all his money is going back to his crack dealer
whos next on my list to get pissed on in this song
hit selena gomez with a moped and slap justin with his rolex
the biggest hoe in showbizz is jennifer lopez o yes
shes had more dicks inside then a gay bar
tyler who? i dont even see a flash on my radar
so what im doing raping them ima go play cards
so please leave a name n mumber after the beep good day yall (buh bye)


1.The Kiss
2.Not Afraid (Radio Edit)
3.Patiently Waiting
4.Gatman & Robin
5.The Ruler's Back
6.Westwood Freestyle 2009
7.Introduction: Lose Yourself
8.Classic Beatbox Freestyle (Mick Boogie Mix)
10.313 (intro)
11.Is Dr Dre White (Phone Call)
12.Guilty Conscience (Radio Version - With Gunshots)
13.Superman (Romann Mordvinov remix)
14.The List (修改)
15.[PA track: Lose Yourself]
16.These Drugs
17.Cleaning Out My Closet (explicit)
18.Im Shady (DJ Veli mix)
19.Not Afraid (DJ Veli mix)
20.Feel Like You
22.'Till I Collapse (Scenario)
23.My Life (skit)
24.Hellbound (With J-Black & Masta Ace)[H&H Remix]
25.Rap 2k1 (With J-Black & Masta Ace)
26.We Made You (Single Version) [Bonus Track]
27.Careful What You Wish For (Bonus Track)
28.My Darling (Bonus Track)
29.The '8 Mile' Left Behind
30.Like Toy Soldiers (Single Version- explicit)
31.Kids (unedited version)
32.Battle Rap
33.No One Is Iller
34.When I'm Gone - Instrumental
35.Without Me (Radio Edit)
36.Scary Movie
37.1 Day at a Time
38.Bitch Please
39.3 Am (DJ's From Mars remix)
40.The Monster (Workout Mix by Chani))
41.Love the Way You Lie, Part I
42.The Way You Lie, Part 2
43.Love the Way You Lie, Part 1
44.Love the Way You Lie (clean version)
45.Love the Way You Lie (album version)
46.Love the Way You Lie (explicit)
47.Ill Hit Em Up (Exclu)
48.40 Oz
49.Back Down Royce
50.My Bitch
51.Crack A Bottle - Album Version (Edited)
52.No Love (explicit)
53.Eminem - Drop the World
54.Shake That - Radio Edit
55.My Name
56.Shake That (Promo Only clean edit)
57.Shake That Ass
58.Shake That Ass For Me
59.Crack A Bottle - Edited Version
60.Crack a Bottle (clean)
61.Crack a Bottle (Single Version) )Bonus Track}
62.The Real Slim Shady (Live)
63.Stan (Live At Radio 1)
64.Eminem (blend)
65.Fubba U Cubba Cubba
66.Go Crazy
67.I'm Alive
68.8 Mile (Funkymix)
69.My Fault Pizza (remix)
70.10, 9, 8...
72.Not Afraid - Album Version (Edited)
73.Stan (Drum&Bass mix part 1)

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