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Terri Clark( 泰芮克拉克 )



【 Just The Same 】【 英文 】【 1996-11-05 】

1.Any Woman

2.Emotional Girl

3.Hold Your Horses

4.Just The Same

5.Keeper Of The Flame

6.Neon Flame

7.Not What I Wanted To Hear

8.Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

9.Something In The Water

10.Twang Thang

11.You Do Or You Don't


'Poor, Poor Pitiful Me' is the first single from Terri Clark's Just the Same, but the arrangement is so close to the 1978 hit version that the song makes her seem like just another Linda Ronstadt imitator--and Clark is more special than that. A far better example of her strengths is 'Emotional Girl.' From the title, you might expect a weepy ballad, but from the first rocking guitar riff, it's a swaggering challenge to any male who would cope with her uninhibited feelings. Clark is not about poetry, irony, and social commentary; she's about the sort of wisecracking, in-your-face country-rockers that have traditionally been a male domain. When she tells an overeager lover to 'Hold Your Horses,' the grit in her voice implies that she's not opening negotiations but drawing a line in the sand. --Geoffrey Himes