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Terri Clark( 泰芮克拉克 )



【 Terri Clark 】【 英文 】【 1995-08-08 】

1.Better Things To Do

2.Catch 22

3.Flowers After The Fact

4.If I Were You

5.Is Fort Worth Worth It

6.Something You Should've Said

7.Suddenly Single

8.The Inside Story

9.Tyin' A Heart To A Tumbleweed

10.Was There A Girl On Your Boys' Night Out

11.When Boy Meets Girl

12.When We Had It Bad


The first thing you notice about Terri Clark is what a special voice this young woman has. When she asks the title question, 'Is Fort Worth Worth It,' for example, she grabs hold of the dramatic ballad melody and fills it with an alto voice so big it reverberates inside a held note. On this song, Clark plays the role of a woman saying goodbye to a man leaving her for someone else, and she manages to balance the heartbreak of an abandoned lover with the dignity of a survivor in a carefully nuanced performance. Clark never stoops to tear-jerking melodrama; she sings with the natural reluctance and controlled intensity of a jilted lover who refuses to give her ex the satisfaction of a scene. In other words, Clark is more than just a good voice; she's a singer. This is not an album with two singles and a bunch of filler; every title boasts a tune so insistent you can't help humming along and a story so clear you can't wait to hear what happens next. --Geoffrey Himes