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Terri Clark( 泰芮克拉克 )



【 Pain To Kill 】【 英文 】【 2004-01-20 】

1.I Just Wanna Be Mad

2.Three Mississippi

3.Pain To Kill

4.I Just Called To Say Goodbye

5.I Wanna Do It All

6.The One You Love

7.Almost Gone

8.Working Girl

9.Better Than You

10.Not A Bad Thing

11.The First To Fall

12.God And Me


Australian Exclusive Tour Edition of the Album that Comes with a Ten Track Bonus Disc from the Country Superstar.

1. You Just Wanna Be Mad
2. Three Mississippi
3. Pain To Kill
4. I Just Called To Say Goodbye
5. I Wanna Do It All
6. The One You Love
7. Almost Gone
8. Working Girl
9. Better Than You
10. Not A Bad Thing
11. The First To Fall
12. God And Me
13. Better Things To Do
14. When Boy Meets Girl
15. If I Were You
16. Emotional Girl
17. Por Poor Pitiful Me
18. Now That Ive Found You
19. Youre Easy On The Eyes
20. This Ol Heart