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Let the World Unite

Let the world unite
I wanna see paradise
Let the world unite
We move forth into the light
Let the world unite
Universally we're vibing
I feel at peace it's all bless
In the environment
No fussing, No fighting
Poor, rich, white, black
Yellow, brown or alien
Plants, insects to animals
We're all the same my friend
We're all equal in rights
So I be stating them
Put the guns and knives down
Why you aiming them?
Getting played against each other
Lives yeah you're wasting them
We need to strive
Replenish vibes
Yeah and make amends
No fussing no fighting
I channel messages
From deep spirit worlds
When I'm writing
Envisioning a place
Where everybody's warm
With lighting
Fresh food
Water running rife
We're all surviving
Reminded by the sun
The enlightened being
When rising
Every day to tell us
The light we need
Is inside of us
Eradicate the violence
Replace it with the kindness
We split up when Pangaea broke
It's time we must unite again
Been lead to live in fear
But now it's time
For us to rise again
Bring the vibes
All come together
Heal the world
Unite again
We got the music that brings
The people together
With the true soul of that
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Boom bap street era
My hearts heating like this banger
Coz the beat's pepper
Only getting high pressure
When it's peak weather
See these vibes right now
I've never seen better
Achieving dreams
Through my speech
I'm a scene setter
Bringing peace to the streets
But not the one that gets ya
The one that makes
You feel safe and respect star
Protected from the start
We got tranquillity
And harmony at last
And I be living life large
Putting my life in these bars
There's no need
For hatred, anger or jealousy
Depression, guilt, stress
Or any negativity, never
Those emotions don't exist
Where we're heading see
Positivity, light and peace
Is the recipe
All cooked up
With a little sense of therapy
To be at one with nature
Is our only choice of destiny
If we wanna stay alive
Together with no enemies
We're working for the greater benefit
Of us collectively
Not for what will make the Ps
Taking oil, killing trees
Mate it ain't necessary
We got technology
To access free energy
It's just it's been
Suppressed you see
For pure greed
It's time to stop the
War on our planet
And make it heavenly
It's time to stop the
War on our planet
And make it heavenly