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The Realisation

If you could
Would you over fast forward?
Or is that dark like the tar on my organs?
Getting shot with colours
When i ain't paint balling
Fresh like the morning dew
Before I brought the storm in
Bye bye sanity
I see you there falling
Fresh spring chicken
Waging war now corpsing
Mind with a winged stance
Open like DeLoreans
I heard my sounds last breath
Stabbing the accordion
Accordingly I brought the water
Forth to the debauchery
Forth degree murder
Awake when the forces scream
Is flowing down the rivers stream
Trying to-find the sweetness in the pollen
When we killed the bees
All I really want to do is breathe
But the chemtrails
Are filling up my lungs capillaries
Radiated soil, pesticide on food we eat
Whilst Monsanto
Go and try and patent every single seed
Make organic living illegal
And stop us planting trees
Shit is fucked up bruv
I feel like I'm losing sleep
Whilst you're doing that
There's toxins creeping
Through your mothers sheets
Mind numbing fluoride in the toothpaste
When you brush your teeth
Plus it's in the water
Killing intuition and your dreams
Mercury in fillings and the vaccines
That they give to peeps
Whilst the sheep
Believe all the news they read
And the TV
Stays fucking up their frequencies
Sort of like the WIFI
And the phones that they use to speak
Mind set on alpha
They believe the advertising speech
Working in a job
Just to buy shit they don't need
To pay tax to a man
Who brings war, death and greed
Materialism's got the whole world
On its knees
Religion's just a
Way to control you
Can't you see
The motherfuckers waging war
In the Middle East
The war in Syria is Sirius
It's planetary beef
Trying to bring the frequencies down
When they need to peak
I find it hard see the light
In these control freaks
Their reign's soon to crumble
Yeah, goodbye elite
At least I know the Star Beings above
Have got my back on street
More than the guys
Walking round with guns called police
Meant to make me feel safe
Really I feel less at ease
I'm a natural person bruv
Not an artificial one
Five fingers round the mic
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I greet them with a middle one
Big grin on my face
Pure spliff I'm billing one
Rhyming to myself
That's a good look, init son
Inner light ain't gonna go like a filament
I'm on a trip
In a room with an elephant
That's packing more knowledge
Than every single president
Work out, in yourself
If that's relevant
I ain't gonna tell you the answer
Coz that be telling son
Are you looking at the truth or perception?
Are you looking at the flaws or perfection?
Are you on a path of light or misdirection?
What's wrong? What's right?
This life is destined
I live by the cycles
The way death's taught's deception
Check Tibetan Book Of The Dead
For reflection
It ain't just black when you die
Believe I've been there
Flowing down the white tunnel
Body by the window chair
It's beautiful
I see the whole universe from here
I persevere
I never persecute myself with fear
Infinite in time
Like words that I'm speaking here
Souls immortal
Toroidal field stays moving clear
Government try aim your strap and pull it
I said pull it
The EMFs around my hearts field
Will catch the bullet
Turn it in to liquid love
And make them drink the fluid
I'm here to bring the truth
Like Rik Clay and Bill Cooper
I wanna see peace
Coz fighting is primitive
Killing many innocent citizens
With bazookas
Women and children
No qualms yeah they'll gun through ya
More US troops die from suicide
Than shooting
They know it ain't right, in mind
Yeah they're losing
What they have them do
For a cure is sniff drugs
So I'm swimming like a fish
Against the current of humanity
To bring it all in motion
Like I calibrate the galaxy
Cannabis our cure
We don't need the cancer charities
They know the cures
But they're not bringing them to us
Coz they're the ones who make the drugs
And then they sell them on to us
And they're also selling
Cigarettes and alcohol as a plus
They're addictive, taxed very heavily
And deadly for us
So we aid depopulation
When we've given them our trust
My last statement for the people here's
Wake up and live with love
Don't give in to the bug
Welcome to the matrix
One love, one love, one love