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Smooth Crash Landing

I make a smooth crash landing
Mad piff stinking out
Of the bag it's rammed in
Catching my reflection in the mirror
Can't understand him
II we're chatting in
A telepathic broken language
That makes discoveries
That break the ground your feet will stand on
Spoken word got the
Soul's heart beating anthems
From the dreamlands it hangs in
Code of the phantom
Explode like solar flares
Coming to advance us
I ain't tainted like the
Blood drenched police batons
Cracked heads ricochet
Off the side of meat wagons
I bring the bangers
Like my boy known as Pete Cannon
Dream with passion, bleed talent
Never work for nobody ever
I'm a street rapper
Always high certified weed addict
No problems, no issues
Fam I'm living the dream
Literally in the Swiss hills, chill at the peak
The truths deep
Like my fingers in a sack of green
Ounce bags rinsed in a flash with the ease
Step up on the microphone
You know I'm like jeheeze
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What what what what
What you got to say to me?
I'm all-ears like I ain't got a face to see
Basically, I take the cakes from the bakery
I'm hungry, coz the zoogy gave me munchies
It's wild out here fam I rep from Jumanji
Chilling with the aliens
Some liquor and the skunk tree
Never wanna fall off the wall
Like Humpty Dumpty
Get my dome cracked see the blood leak
Crowd bounce around
Like titties when they're busty
Trust me, I'm coming up feel the rush GDigging in the crates
For the breaks that are dusty
That's Runone and Molotov's jobs
They're my dons see
Gotta have your side kick
Like Darstardly's Mutley
We churn out the tunes like
Manufactured cough sweets
Infectious and dangerous
Like nails that are rusty
Trust me I stay funky like chutney
Hmmmmmm chutney
Lost in a cloud of piff
Straight high like a space ship
Interdimensional shift, yo
I'm moving up to the fifth
Fliptrix, Runone, Molotov
High Focus