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This Is War 2: Piltover vs Zaun (Original LoL song *COLLAB*)

Look into my eyes try to see what I know
A twisted little journey through the path of psycho
A vivid premonition manifesting undigesting
The petty little trifles taught to adolescents condescending
I'm digressing
A complicated girl with very simple wishes
A global rocket has your people sleeping with the fishes
And when your city comes to desolation
One small step and I reach global incineration
I'm not normal and I don't pretend so
My approach is pretty much a bomb crescendo
Reality is false and its so cause i say
Chaotic demolition well that's just my forte
Death is a fun way to pass the time though
Several little bullets moving in staccato
The terror of my rain will live on in infamy
Singing when they die like a dead man's symphony

Yo it's the rat with the flat hat
I'm hip to you house cats
Can't fool me grab the cheese from the mouse trap
Feel a light breeze when i move past
Ease to your groups back
Pause have a laugh
Throw the venom cask
And shoot for the center of mass
Hit the expunge and I blow the stacks
You've been removed by the menace rat
It's Jerry with a Tommy gun
Scream for your mommy son ('MOMMY!!!'-Ziggs?)
Saw me in the lobby had your chance
Probably should have run
Sewer rat with Splinter Cell abilities
Shredder of your back line your team screaming turtle please
Strike from the shadows like a ninja on a murder spree
And if I'm feeling blue
What I do is put some shots through the purple team
Brain to your pinky
Can't see me but your lane's getting stinky
And now I see the wards if you pink me
The plague's back it's over
I'm killing lame soldiers
With spray and pray tactics

Like the Pope with a super soaker

You are soooo poorly designed for this

In matters much delectable
My brain remains detectable
So very very confident
A battle is inevitable
This data is incredible
My findings unforgettable
Fluctuating patterns
Tell me something's in these parables
If matter doesn't matter

Then what side am I to choose?
This data doesn't tell me
Who will win and who will lose...

Allright that's enough ugly people step aside
They call me hero defender and Piltover's Pride
I take it all in stride
Giving girls heart attacks
Strike you with the hammer
And then bring sexy back
You wanna try me in the lane?
I'll have you seeing stars
I'm dishing out the pain
Up close and from afar
Strong like a bull
Versatility stunning
Accelerating shock blasts
That hit you running and yet...
I'm pretty smart I'm a scientist you know
And when I calculate the likeliness of success for my foes

I get but one result
Failure forever
Look at Viktor's face it's so cute
Said no one ever

On patrol
Get set
Take aim
Lock and load
Now put your hands up
On your knees I'm in control
Don't try that shit with me
You're gonna get caught
I only got 2 words for you
Head Shot
That's it you're dead
You took the headstart
But could just as well have stayed and slit your throat instead
You wanna know why it's called ace in the hole?
I'm the ace and the hole is where you used to have your head
Got the heart of the dragon

And a mind like a genie
When you step into my town
You'll be answering to me, so...
I'm not gonna blame ya if you're petrified scared stiff
I am the law and no one shoots the sheriff

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It's nearly time
The battle's on
Oh friends off mine
I've seen poison fill the air
A war is raging with deadly flare

What a trivial thing
A night with battle just isn't my fling
But a curiosity dwells within
Who will lose
And who will win?

I am the inventor
A bold experimentor
Join as my acolyte and i will be your mentor
Science will destroy you it will build you anew
The gifts I offer now eternal power a new point of view
Steel will fix all your flaws
You will rise above human laws
You will mock them made of meat
They'll drop to worship at your feet
Forget now the shame of defeat
Our victory shall be so sweet
Replace all your petty emotions
Or keep your blood you'll bleed oceans
All you little fleshbags
Stuck with your old hags

Watch as their skin sags
They're fodder for my labs
Your bodies are so frail
We will be your final nail
This is the REVOLUTION
The glorious

Mundo up to the plate
The doctor's arrived
Mundo sealing your fate(MUNDO)
Top Mundo's flow?
Who thinks they can match it?
No bad blood here Mundo buries the hatchet
Doom in degrees
Wrecking 3v3's
Life is affliction Mundo cure your disease
Mundo the King end of conversation
And this doctor's not strange to strange to regeneration

Piltover punies
No match for cleaver
You see Mundo's face
Now you a believer
You lay on the ground
Broken to pieces
Going to HAM?
Mundo goes where he pleases

I was born with sorcerous power in my veins
My gauntlet hits harder than Piltover's trains
You'll never strike back
I got jukes for days
When they find what's left
You'll still be ablaze
And yeah I rock the Haruhi dance so what?
You know it puts the ladies straight into rut
Have you seen the look on Lux's face?

Go on
Be jelly
You're such a disgrace
I'll kill for my princess
No robbers or fakes
Flee or I'll trash you 'til you've got the shakes
So you think you can take me?
Cool your jets
Mother Fu(pewpew noise) I'm 'EzReal' as it gets

One girl wrecking crew!
A vicious violent vixen voiding vindication
Gauntlets of the law keeping safe Piltover's population
And freedom yeah what are those?
I'm just here to show your skull a few denting blows
They say I'm overpowered
Oh she's such a misfit
This is Vi radio
Check out my smash hits
So when the law comes out
That's just a Vi day
And if you want all of your teeth
Say out of Vi's way ('Boom baby'-Vi)
You can beg for mercy won't be able to hear you
Resist arrest once your rights stay in my rear view
It's not some freud related envy
Not like I'm just compensating
This is simply how the game looks when I'm dominating ('HAHAHAHAH'-Vi)
Run all you want
But your not gonna get far
My punches make explosions like it's fist of the north star
A fury like no other
Stay back while I solo baron
Throwing more 'bows then a trick named Garen