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Laughs Converging

Who's in for a game
Down to have a little fun
The jester's in the court
Time to get your smile on

Chaotic by design
No need for gangplank to 'parrley'
I drive you insane?
Hope I'm riding a harley

Eyes on the clock boys
Time for you to see
There's simple no way
You can escape from me

Can see what will hurt you
Even as you attack
I'm sharper than lg
Like a knife in your back

Lights emerging
Laughs converging
Blissful silence
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Endless violence

Welcome to the show
Come one and all
I'm sure you'll have a blast
At this annual ball

I'm done with a monotony
Time to Shaco things up
And with smiles all arround
I'm sure you'll make the cut

You don't need a reason
I see it behind those eyes
A cure born of laughter
Relieves you of your life

You don't need a reason
I feel it behind your lies
A looming disaster
Oh, can you see it in my eyes