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The Heist

Falconshield feat. Nicki Taylor

Work quick, Twitch. We got one chance to shine
Settle done, Eve, my dear partner in crime
I don't plan on winding up getting caught with all this loot
Oh I'll be really sly when I fly the koot
Like shadows when we sneak, you wont even hear a noise
Have you crying like little children when we swipe all your toys
Pinching every penny and I'm here to make a snatch
Yet I'm so preestine, I can leave without a scratch
You're pretty witty, Eve, and I don't see a problem
We're a dynamic duo, Call us Ratman and Robbin
We'll be in and out before you know we're around
I could go for a burger, hey wait... what's that sound?
We have you surrounded
Come out with your hands up
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Or don't. We'll just beat the loot out of you!
Hey c'mon, Trundle.
We're an official Police Force
Yea, yea. Got to make the PCPD look good an' all...
We'll only beat you a little bit!
It's your final payday, I'll take a bite out of crime
The streets are a battlefield and we have a hardline
Us, get a day off? Why that would simply be silly
Only fun I ever have is going clubbing with Billy
I'm the maw of the law and I do my job well
I charge, then I spark; fling you right into a cell
When the cone's in the arena then I've got you in a slow
K/D ratio's the same as our code: 5/0