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Alan Menken


Alan Menken

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: A Guy Like You

Paris, the City of lovers is glowing this evening
True, that's because it's on fire - but still; there's l'amour
Somewhere out there in the night
Her heart is also alight
An I know the guy she just might be burning for
A guy like you
She's never known
A guy like you, a girl does not meet every day
You've got a look
That's all you're own, kid
Could there be two? Like you? No way!
Those other guys
That she could dangle
All look the same from every boring point of few!
You're a surprise
From every angle??
She's gotta love a guy like you!
A guy like you
Gets extra credit
Because it's true, you've got a certain something more
You see that face
You don't forget it
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Want something 'you'
That's you!
For sure
We all have gaped
At some adonis
But then we crave a??
And since you're shaped
Like a croisant
No question up
She's gotta love
A guy like you
Call me a hopeless romantic but, Quasi, I feel it!
She wants you so, any moment she'll walk through that door!
A guy so swell
A guy like you??
You're the bell ringer
If she wants Uh-lala
And she wants You-lala??


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