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Alan Menken


Alan Menken

Savages, Pt. 2

作词:Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz

This will be the day, let's go men
This will be the morning
Bring out the prisoner
(We will see them dying in the dust)

I don't know what I can do
Still, I know I've got to try
(Now we make them pay)
Eagle, help my feet to fly

(Now without a warning)
Mountain, help my heart be great
(Now we leave 'em blood and bone and rust)
Spirits of the earth and sky
(It's them or us)

Please don't let it bee to late
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(They're just a bunch of filthy, stinking)
(Savages, savages, demons, devils)
Kill them
(Savages, savages)
What are we waiting for?

(Destroy their evil race)
(Until there's not a trace left)
How loud are the drums of war
(We will sound the drums of war
(Now, we sound the drums of war)

(Now we see what comes)
(Of trying to be chums)
Is the death of all I love
Carried in the drumming of war?
(Now we sound the drums of war)


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