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Robbie Fulks


Robbie Fulks

Down in Her Arms

Down in her arms on a three-day drunk
When the world was lawless and wild
With the last drop gone, and the lust all shrunk
I clung to her chest like a child
Too weak to hold on to the little I had
Too ensnared to walk off unharmed
But to curl up and die didn't look all that bad
Down in her arms.

Down in her arms, East Houston at dawn
Played under her breath in my ear
The pretty blue howl of a Joan Jett song
(We were all poor and angry that year)
A city in flames, and the hounds at the wall
Valhalla seemed not very far
Just one small step, and a bottomless fall
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Down in her arms.

Staring back at the path my passion led down
From a twelfth floor bedroom to the edge of endless dreams
Baby touch me NOW.

Down in her arms, I looked up and caught
A glimpse of a magical love
But in a flash, it was just another false god
Struck down and dragged through the mud
In the faraway dark, he lay by my wife
His hands slowly working their charm
While I shut my eyes and held on for life
Down in her arms