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Robbie Fulks


Robbie Fulks

A Miracle

For a kid from Tennessee)
Things don't move as majestically as planned
But I was born with a decent hand
And I played the cards well

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Now over the Hudson westward, we were shocked
The city turns out to be smaller than a fantasy
It's these lost little towns that make the heart swell

To come up southern is a troubled way
Pay no mind to what the writers say
It's the telling
That makes it lyrical

The kid swears to God there's gonna be a change
But do people and places ever really change
In the ancient time they called that a miracle

[Verse 2]

The ground shook the slag and the clay of the Jersey field)
And gave way to the soft wooded trees
The Pines Poplars and the Hickories
Old friends of my childhood
There in the care of the Brothers of the Holy Cross
To our hero of ten years old a terrible thought takes hold
That the land at his feet is steeped in wild blood

Father, Father, the first of my earthly loves, know that nothing is lost
Young though I was
The fireflies' relevance as the day softly pales-
In this hour we're alive
Get down the details
And who would describe that summer of eighteen we had to dream the only way is to dream
But what of the dreams of the wretched
Broken and on their knees
So help me God
I'm one of these

The road from the south is a hard way
Pay no mind to what the writers say
It's the telling
That makes it lyrical

Nothing to lose they say about your chains
But do suffering people just come unchained
In the ancient times that was called a miracle

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