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Robbie Fulks

Little King

Well it's a vile world but that's all right/Long as the little king's alive
In a day of shifting styles/His damage will last awhile.
Dizzy in a fever of muscle and chrome/This jerkwater town burned like Rome
Truckled to the torch of one savage kid/That's how to rule! That's how to live!

When you're old and not so clever/When you're dragging your ghost around
These wild years won't last forever/This kingdom comes right down!

Little King had a Midas hand/Anything he touched turned yellow and ran
Rebel boys, half-witted and brave/Felt lucky to follow and slave
And from the back of his eyes, some demon sprung/Made young men wanna touch bottles and guns
Make Pleistocene creatures of Mom and Dad/Twice more kick than your real kings had

It's a vile world, but that's O.K./That's where the smart bucks are today
Tortoise shells and a wedding ring/So much for the 'little king.'
But, see that hilltop, gutted and bare...?/15 years back a King walked there
Now some half-wit hellspawn's gonna take his turn/That's how to crash! That's how to burn!