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I Know


[Verse 1:RJ]
Finally got my chilli right
Where little niggas taking lives off a mini bikes
Took a drive getting high under city lights
I won't pull up on you bitch and I won't spend the night
Cause there's a hundred hoes doing what I want to
Another hundred that'll do what they won't do
So don't tell me bout your friends and what they won't do
Girl just tell them who I is they come through (ooohh)
I'ma flood you hits
And I still got some chips out the mud I can't rinse
I go OJ like nowhere with gloves on my prints
While you straddle the fence I go bad on your bitch
If I sad she convinced thats a slap on the wrist
She just tryna get rich not just pass for her rent
That's a fee since you chose put the Z's on the O's
I know keys on the stove is like keys in that ghost
I know

[Hook: RJ]
A little change won't change few pennies add up I know
Making players look easy and tax no cuts
I know, I know, I know
Yeah I know
I know, I know, I know
Yeah I know

[Verse 2: RJ]
From the joint grab a joint we can join and remix
While you fighting with this don't be argumentive
I got life with my chips out the yard getting rich
Don't invite yourself in before you call
I can see that you jealous
But watch yourself and be aware before you get embarrassed
I give you enough rope to hang in that moment you cherish
These streets come with marriage
Rings come with karats you see it you staring
It make you arrogant feeding your parents
And when I [?]can see rap comparing me
To all these airheads be airing their business
And grabbing their feelings I'm feeling some way
There's so much I give you without dealing with issues
To make shit official I still demonstrate
Cause nigga I know

[Hook: RJ]
I can see between the lines [?]I know
A little change won't change even pennies add up I know
I know, I know, I know
Yeah I know
I know, I know, I know
Yeah I know