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Ride With Me

Now fuck the silencer, I'm shooting through the pillow
And if the door locked I'm jumping through the window
I might be wrong but I ain't tryna work a 9 to 5
So if I gotta sell these pills, I'mma sell them high
Go get your business straight or renovate a condo
Ratchet bitches whipping chicken like a roscoes
Niggas face tatted like?? and Bosco
In my city niggas judging for what you got on
I'm well known from Atlanta past Figg doe
Me teecee4800 mustard getting rich, though
'getting money like what they hidden for
Follow code, gotta value morals and principle
Niggas acting like they pimps but they pay the bitch
Some of us ain't in a position that we say we in
In one year I had to move in three residence
I fell asleep and woke up in a new Mercedes Benz

Niggas wanna shine with me
But they won't do the time with me
Snitches throw they time to me
That's why I always ride low key
I don't want a dime on me
Snitches throw they time to me
That's why I always ride low key
I gotta keep the fire on me
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You making shit more complicated than it should be
Industry makers be clicking up over hood beef
Record me fucking your bitch and let my hood see
Cause I be banging the hood when I'm in the pussy
Oh, motherfucking bitch, bring my shit back
Fucking on a flip with a clover-leaf tat
Running off the lip, I'm off the hip like rrra
Hold up, rrra, rrra, rrra, rrra, rrrra
And all these new niggas tryna join the team now
Cherry picking, bitch nigga get a rebound
No chameleon but I'm going through some changes
Cause those that I help get famous went senile
AK 47, 7 trays, lot of clips like I'm tryna make the VMAs
RJ do my dirt on the low cause what they don't know don't show my momma these

Gotta keep the fire on me
In case they wanna ride on me
Why they wanna dime on me
Same nigga be mad they ain't shining with me
Day 1 nigga we A1
Pushaz Ink nigga we A1
Real ass nigga from day one