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If It Ain't Ace

[Verse 1:]
If it ain't ace pour out the whole case
We don't drink that
A splitting image of a boss who we pee with the AK
If you hoes choose me we can play date
The roof on the hurricane had to vacate
Bet it all work out like a burpee
I got my check out the dirt
From flocking and stretching out birds
Friday is Thursday I'm next up, first place
Birds say their conversation had a few birthdays
I agree, you might find a bitch around me
But not in me
My last flight out of town hit the lottery
Humble kinda got some pounds I think I'm gonna need
So if the price go down I boost in front of me

[Chorus 1:]
Fuck up some commas
I'm building a brand
Get out my pockets
Count what's in your hand (what's in your hand)

[Chorus 2:]
If it ain't ace pour it out the whole case
We don't drink that
We come to LA a nigga name howay (RJ)
You can't fake that

[Verse 2:]
I can make a dollar, ain't a dollar made me
I'm a keep it solid I ain't got a PC
Hundred round rifle gonna ride with me
With all modesty you keep your modesty
I just want collard greens
I done seen half of you niggas in traffic
Who left me at bus stop, no track shoes I'm laughing
Call, I'll come back
Got you, front you a package
To get you up out of my pockets
We think that your rocket's too strap
Like it's bodies get cash if you're conscious rich mackin
With options
Let's drink to the struggles I'll never forget
Champagne dripping down my knuckles as I sip
It's for this

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1]

If it ain't ace pour out the whole case
We don't drink that