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Roberta Flack

Mr. Magic

作词:Ralph Macdonald, William Salter

He looked at me one day, chased my blues away
Chased my blues away with his sweet smile
I never dreamed I'd need a man so bad
There was something in his style

Mr. Magic, where have you gone?
Mr. Magic, you turned me on

He put his hands on me and kissed me tenderly
Kissed me tenderly and held me tight
I'd give up anything that I possess
Just to have him here tonight

Mr. Magic, where have you gone?
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Mr. Magic, you turned me on

I threw away my pride, I sat down and cried
Sat down and cried over you
'Cause just like magic [Incomprehensible]you took one
Now I don't know what to do

Mr. Magic, where have you gone?
Mr. Magic, you turned me on

Mr. Magic, Mr. Magic
Mr. Magic, Mr. Magic
Mr. Magic

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Isn`t the line `Cause just like magic powder you too one`


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