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Roberta Flack


Roberta Flack

Making Love

作词:Burt Bacharach, Burt F. Bacharach, Bruce Roberts, Carole Bayer Sager

Here close to our feelings we touch again
We love again
Remember when we thought
Our hearts would never mend
And we're all the better for each other

There's more to love, I know
Than making love

Here no more confusion
We see our lives, we live our lives
Remember when we thought
We never would survive
But now neither one of us is breaking

There's more to love, I know
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Than making love

Some things never change
Some things sometimes do
And now I'm feeling
Strong enough to let you in
And now neither one of us is breaking

Knowing now there's more to love
Than making love

And I'll remember you and making love
And I'll remember
And I'll remember you
And I'll remember
And I'll remember you


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