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Roberta Flack


Roberta Flack

All I Want Is You

What do the neighbours say
When they hear us scream at night
Do they talk about a love
All in tatters
What do the neighbours know
About the heart and soul
The fire down below
That really matters
They can never guess
In the silences
That all I want is you
And the sexy hurricane
We got here
All I want is you
I don't want a man
To say 'good morning dear'
Let 'em listen at the door
Let 'em listen through the floor
Let 'em go ahead and draw the wrong conclusion
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So chase me 'round the room
Make me crazy like the moon
They can never guess
In the silences
That all I want is you
And the sexy hurricane that we share
All I want is you
I don't want a man
Who tiptoes up the stairs
All I want is you
And the freight train
Whistling over my track
All I want is you
And your Mack truck loving
Jumping me Jack!
Oh, Jack!


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