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The Marvelous 3


The Marvelous 3

Junkyard Jesus

I spent a lot of time when i was a kid,
Looking at the world from a tree.
My mama wasn't good to me,
And my daddy, well he's dead.
The tree became the only friend for me.

There was a family that lived next to me.
They had a boy just about my age.
Stricken to a wheelchair at the tender age of five.
Didn't seem to phase him as he chuckled
And told his mama to turn the page.

(chorus) junkyard jesus did you well.

Livin' by the junkyard there's always much to see.
I saw a bum get killed the other day.
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Some thug took a life from a man all out of money.
Not like he had a whole lot to live for anyway.


Hey mister, mister# what's your destiny?
I hear you carry all your faith in five's and ten's.
Let the chips fall where they may,
It don't matter anyway.
Cuz' you'll be crawling back from the ashes of your sins.