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The Marvelous 3


The Marvelous 3

I Could Change

New years day, lyin' next to my bed with a
Hand in my pants and a song in my head
About being depressed 'til i figured out
It ain't the 90's
I looked thru a raygun and thru a spin
Then i ripped out the pages of clothes that were in,
Threw on my pumas and tried to put it all behind me
Mona lisa smiled as i was walkin' out the door
She said, 'yo, you gotta keep it real, just like the year before.'
I second that emotion and 20 thousand more

I could change and you could change
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But everybody would stay the same (i know)

Still on vacation with nothin' to do so i
Got in my car and i got a tattoo just to
Cover up the one that i got of you when i was drinkin'
I really only now regret the things i haven't done
Stayin' under covers in the dark it ain't no fun
I'd rather take my glasses off and stare right at the sun