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The Marvelous 3


The Marvelous 3


I'm left handed when throwing
My shit across the room.
I'm left handed when i throw a fit
I use my left hand when i make myself come
To my senses when i'm losing it.
My left hand is good for when i'm knocking on wood
Although i gotta admit that it hurts.
I'm left handed when i picture you with another,
With your right hand taking off your skirt.

So i'm gonna take a day off
And watch the world around me.
Take a day off and take it all in.
Gonna take a day off and watch the world around me
Take a day off and try to blend in

I'm left handed when writing graffiti on bridges,
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Though i can't write a bridge for this song.
They said i shoulda left out the part about your boob job,
They said it made this song kinda long.
My left hand's got a tan line where the ring used to be,
The one that you gave me before, 'cause i left that ring behind
Inside an empty glass wine when the waitress scraped me up off the floor


So little time with so much to do, everything was fine,
Then there was you, i really don't mind
If you just pack your shit and go away.
(pack your shit and go away)