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We Ain't Shit

Tear that poster off the wall
It takes up too much space
We ain't no fucking rock band, man
We're a professional
Disgrace - is the word I would use
To describe
The noises we're making
Feedback, wrong key, a lack of dignity
so don't think we don't know we're
Fuckin' losers
Washed up old men
The years we'd play the same four chords
Over and over and once again
Posing as musicans
Justify what we get paid
Time to forfeit
We may be in the light
But we ain't shit
We may not get respect
You think we don't know
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We may be riding on a one way ticket down
We're going down
But I got no regrets
They'll come in time
I can't remember having a better time

On the road to pity
We just
Passed integrity
Pull the plug, put us
Out of this aural misery
Giving the new meaning to
Flogging a dead horse... so we
All agree
Please drop us
At the next glue factory
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know that we ain't shit


1.I've Become A Cliche
2.The Quitter (Demo)
3.Kill Rocks Stars
4.Jeff Wears Birkenstocks
5.Perfect Government
6.Punk Guy
7.Cheese, Where's My Slice
8.Jandiced Eye
9.Seeing Double At the Triple
10.Punk Song
11.We Ain't Shit (修改)
12.Life Of Riley
13.S and M Airlines
14.You Can Go Your Own Way
16.Philthy Phil Philantropist
17.Freedom Lika Shopping Cart
18.What's the Matter With Kids Today
19.A Perfect Goverment
20.Champs Elysées
21.Mister Jones
22.Hit It Hold It Back
23.Food, Sex And Ewe
24.Where's My Slice
26.I'm Tellin Tim
27.My Name's Bud (My Parents Smoked Too Much Pot)
28.Stupid Canadiens
29.Punk Rock Elite
30.That Bummer
31.I Wanna Be An Alcoholic
33.Wolves in Wolves' Clothing
34.Lazy Train
35.Olive Me
36.Open Your Eyes
37.See Her Pee
38.Timmy The Turtle
40.We Don't Play Ska Anymore
41.We Threw Gasoline On The Fire And Now We Have Stumps For Arms And No Eyebrows
42.The Plan
43.Thalidomide Child
46.Pump Up The Valuum
47.Germ Free Adolescent
48.Bath of Least Resistance
49.Beer Song
50.Champs Elysées ( english )
51.Monosylabic Girl
52.My Penis
53.San Francisco Fat
54.The KKK Took My Baby Away (Ramones cover)
55.Liza And Louzie
56.We Threw Gasoline...
57.Beer Bong Song
58.Corazon De Oro
59.Moron Brothers
60.We Threw Gasoline On The Fire...
61.Murder the Government (LP Version)
63.What's The Matter With Kids
64.What Now My Love
65.Golden Boys
66.The Seperation of Church and Skate
67.We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drum
68.Pump Up The Valium
69.What's The Matter With Parents
70.Concerns Of A GOP Neo-Phyte
71.Glass War
72.Jaw Knee Music
73.I'm Going To Hell For This One
74.Six Years on Dope
75.Have You Ever Seen the Rain
76.Creeping Out Tegan
77.No More Lies
78.Fun Things to Fuck
79.I Wanna Be an Alcoholic / Punk Guy
80.Canada Has Better Heroin
81.Outro (Eric Melvin Accordion Solo)(提供)
82.Screaming for Change
83.Lori Myers
84.Teenage Existentialist
85.You're Wrong
86.The Punk Song / Johnny B. Goode
87.Malachi Crunch
88.Shortest Pier
89.Talking 'Bout Yo Mama(提供)
90.The Separation of Church & Skate
91.Intro (live)
92.Nowhere (live)
93.Six Pack Girls (live)
94.Moron Brothers (live)
95.You Drink, You Drive, You Spill (live)
96.East Bay (live)
97.Hidden Track