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1983年夏天的某一日,在位于洛杉基市的伯克利镇,三位加州的热血青年Fat Mike(贝司手兼主唱)、Eric Melvin(吉他手)和Erik Sandin(鼓手)在一个破旧的车库里开始了他们乐队的第一次排练。这个乐队有着一个很奇怪的名字,叫做NOFX。二十多年后的今天,NOFX俨然已经成为朋克音乐领域里一个如雷贯耳的名字,他们已经成为New School Punk的代表性乐队,而不仅仅是简简单单的四个字母。

Current members

Eric Melvin – rhythm guitar, accordion, backing vocals (1983–1986, 1986–present); lead guitar, backing vocals (1983–1987)
'Fat' Mike Burkett – bass guitar, keyboards (1983–present); lead vocals (1983–1986, 1986–present)
Aaron 'El Hefe' Abeyta – lead guitar, trumpet, backing vocals (1991–present)
Erik 'Smelly' Sandin – drums (1983–1985, 1986–present)

Former members

Scott Sellers – drums (1985)
Scott Aldahl – drums (1986)
Dave Allen – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1986; died 1986)
Dave Casillas – lead guitar (1987–1989)
Steve Kidwiller – lead guitar (1989–1991)

NOFX discography

Studio albums

Liberal Animation (1988)
S&M Airlines (1989)
Ribbed (1991)
White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean (1992)
Punk in Drublic (1994)
Heavy Petting Zoo (1996)
So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes (1997)
Pump Up the Valuum (2000)
The War on Errorism (2003)
Wolves in Wolves' Clothing (2006)
Coaster (2009)
Self Entitled (2012)
First Ditch Effort (2016)
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First Ditch Effort 英文
1.Happy Father's Day
2.I Don't Like Me Anymore
3.Happy Ftaher's Day
4.Sid and Nancy
5.California Drought
6.Oxy Mornonic
7.I'm a Transvest-lite
8.Ditch Effort
9.Dead Beat Mom
10.Bye Bye Biopsy Girl
11.It Ain't Lonely at the Bottom
12.I'm So Sorry Tony
13.Generation Z
Backstage Passport Soundtrack 英文
1.Backstage Passport
2.No Fun In Fundamentalism
3.Insulted By Germans (Again)
4.All My Friends In New York
5.You Will Lose Faith
6.Teenage Punching Bag
7.Leaving Jesusland (Live)
8.The Greatest Country in the World (提供)
9.Last Night Was Really Fun
10.We're Bros (提供)
11.Your Hubcaps Cost More Than My Car
12.Fan Mail
13.Arming the Proletariat With Potato Guns
14.I Melvin
15.Punk Rock Passport (提供)
Xmas Has Been X’ed / New Year’s Revolution 英文
1.Wore Out the Soles of My Party Boots
2.Xmas Has Been X'ed
3.New Year's Revolution
Stoke Extinguisher (EP) 英文
1.Stoke Extinguisher
2.The Shortest Pier
3.I Believe In Goddess (demo)
4.My Stepdad's a Cop and My Stepmom's a Domme
5.Wore Out the Soles of My Party Boots (2012 Version)
6.New Year's Revolution
Self Entitled 英文
1.72 Hookers
2.I Believe in Goddess
3.Ronnie & Mags
4.She Didn't Lose Her Baby
5.Secret Society
6.I, Fatty
7.Cell Out
8.Down With the Ship
9.My Sycophant Others
10.This Machine is 4
11.I've Got One Jealous Again, Again
12.Xmas Has Been X'ed
Coaster 英文
Fat Wreck Chords
1.We Called It America
2.The Quitter Download
3.First Call
4.My Orphan Year
5.Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)
6.Creeping Out Sara
7.Eddie,Bruce And Paul
8.Best God In Show
9.Suits And Ladders
10.The Agony Of Victory
11.I Am An Alcoholic
12.One Million Coasters
Cokie The Clown 英文
1.Cokie The Clown
2.Straight Outta Massachusetts
3.Fermented And Flailing
4.Co-Dependence Day
5.My Orphan Year (Acoustic)
The Myspace Transmissions, Vol. 11 英文
1.The Quitter
2.My Orphan Year
3.Hold It Back
4.Lost Continent (提供)
War On Errorism 英文
1.The Separation Of Church And Skate
2.The Irrationality Of Rationality
3.Franco Un-American
4.Idiots Are Taking Over
5.She's Nubs
9.Anarchy Camp
10.American Errorist(I Hate Hate Haters)
11.We Got Two Jealous Agains
12.13 Stitches
13.Re-gaining Unconsciousness
14.Whoops, I OD'd
15.Idiot Son of an Asshole
The Decline 英文
1.The Decline2.Clams Have Feelings Too(Actually They Don't)
So Long&Thanks For All The Shoes 英文
1.All Out Of Angst
2.Eat The Meek
3.Kids Of The K-Hole
4.Dad's Bad News
5.180 Degrees
6.The Desperation's Gone
7.Quart In Session
9.Murder The Government
10.Kill Rock Stars
11.All His Suits Are Torn
12.It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite
13.Monosyllabic Girl
14.Falling In Love
White Trash Two Heebs & A Bean 英文
2.Buggley Eyes
3.I Wanna Be Your Baby
4.Johnny Appleseed
5.Liza and Louise
6.Please Play This Song On the Radio
7.She's Gone
8.Soul Doubt
9.Stickin In My Eye
10.Straight Edge
11.The Bag
13.You're Bleeding
White Trash Two Heebs And A Bean 英文
1.Soul Doubt
2.Sticking In My Eye
4.You're Bleeding
5.Straight Edge
6.Liza And Louise
7.The Bag
8.Please Play This Song On The Radio
10.I Wanna Be Your Baby
11.Johnny Appleseed
12.She's Gone
13.Buggley Eyes
The War On Errorism 英文
1.American Errorist
2.Separation of Church and Skate
3.She's Nubs
4.Whoops, I OD'd
5.The Separation of Church and Skate
7.Anarchy Camp
The Pmrc Can Suck On This 英文
1.Dueling Retards (提供)
2.On The Rag
3.A200 Club
4.Shut Up Already
5.The Punk Song
6.Johnny B. Goode (提供)
The Longest Line 英文
1.The Death Of John Smith
2.The Longest Line
5.Kill All The White Man
Surfer 英文
1.Fun Things To Fuck(If You're A Winner)
2.Juice Head
3.Three On Speed
4.New Happy Birthday Song?
5.Talking 'Bout Yo Momma
6.Party Enema
7.Can't Get The Stink Out
8.Go To Work Wasted
9.Fuck Da Kids
10.Whoa On The Whoas
11.Three Shits To The Wind (提供)
12.Puke On Cops
13.I Gotta Pee
14.Totally Fucked
So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes 英文
1.It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite
2.Kids Of The K-Hole
3.Murder The Government
4.Monosyllabic Girl
5.180 Degrees
6.All His Suits Are Torn
7.All Outta Angst
8.I'm Telling Tim
9.Champs Elysees
10.Dad's Bad News
11.Kill Rock Stars
12.Eat The Meek
13.The Desperation's Gone
14.Flossing A Dead Horse (提供)
15.Quart In Session
16.Falling In Love
S&M Airlines 英文
1.Day To Daze
2.Five Feet Under
3.Professional Crastination
4.Mean People Suck (提供)
5.Vanilla Sex
6.S & M Airlines
7.Drug Free America
8.Life O' Riley
9.You Drink, You Drive, You Spill
10.Scream For Change
11.Jaundiced Eye
12.Go Your Own Way
Ribbed 英文
1.Green Corn
2.The Moron Brothers
3.Shower Days
4.Food, Sex & Ewe
5.Just The Flu
6.El Lay
7.New Boobs
9.Where's My Slice?
10.Together On The Sand
12.Brain Constipation
14.I Don't Want You Around
15.The Malachi Crunch
Punk In Drublic 英文
2.Leave It Alone
4.The Cause
5.Don't Call Me White
6.My Heart Is Yearning
7.A Perfect Government
8.The Brews
9.The Quass (提供)
10.Dying Degree
12.Lori Meyers
13.Jeff Wears Birkenstocks?
14.Punk Guy(cause He Does Punk Things)
15.The Happy Guy
17.Scavenger Type
Pump Up The Valuum 英文
1.And Now For Something Completely Similar
2.Take Two Placebos And Call Me Lame
3.What's The Matter With Parents Today?
4.Dinosaurs Will Die
5.Thank God It's Monday
6.Clams Have Feelings Too(Actually They Don't)
8.Stranger Than Fishin'
9.Pharmacist's Daughter
10.Bottles To The Ground
11.Total Bummer
12.My Vagina
14.Theme From A NOFX Album
Pods And Gods 英文
1.Pods And Gods2.What's The Matter With Parents Today?
Maximum Rock N Roll 英文
1.Live Your Life
2.My Friends
3.Six Pack Girls
4.Bang Gang
5.Hit It
6.Hold It Back
8.Cops And Donuts
9.Iron Man
10.Shitting Bricks
11.Mom's Rules
12.On My Mind
13.White Bread (提供)
14.Lager In The Dark (提供)
15.Too Mixed Up (提供)
16.Drain Bramaged (提供)
17.Bob Turkee
18.No Problems
20.Beast Within (提供)
21.Instrumental (提供)
22.Ant Attack
Louise And Liza 英文
Liza And Louise 英文
1.Liza And Louise2.The Fastest Longest Line
Liberal Animation 英文
1.Shut Up Already
2.Free Dumb
3.Here Comes The Neighborhood
4.A200 Club
5.Sloppy English
6.You Put Your Chocolate In My Peanut Butter!
7.Mr. Jones
8.Vegetarian Mumbo Jumbo
9.Beer Bong
11.I Live In A Cake
12.No Problems
13.On The Rag
14.Truck Stop Blues
I Heard They Suck Live[Live] 英文
2.You're Bleeding
3.The Moron Brothers
4.Punk Guy(cause He Does Punk Things)
6.Life O' Riley
7.You Drink, You Drive, You Spill
8.Nothing But A Nightmare
9.East Bay
10.Soul Doubt
11.Kill All The White Man
12.Beer Bong
13.Six Pack Girls
14.Together On The Sand
16.The Brews
17.Buggley Eyes
I Heard They Suck Live!! 英文
1.You Drink, You Drive, You Spill
3.Life O' Riley (Live)
4.The Brews
5.Bob (Live)
6.Linoleum (Live)
7.Buggley Eyes (Live)
8.The Brews (Live)
9.Together On the Sand (Live)
10.Beer Bong (Live)
11.Punk Guy (Live)
12.You're Bleeding
13.Life o' Riley
14.Nothing But a Nightmare (Sorta) [Live]
15.Kill All the White Man (Live)
Home Street Home: Original Songs from the Shit Musical 英文
1.Seeping Beauty
2.I'm Suicide
3.Let's Get Hurt
4.Another Bad Decision
5.Bearly Legal
6.Because I Want To
7.Life… Oh What a Drag
8.Missing Child
9.Bad Decision
10.Safe Words
12.Three String Guitar
13.Urban Campers
14.Fecal Alcohol Syndrome
15.Three Against Me
16.High Achievers
17.Gutter Tarts
Heavy Petting Zoo 英文
1.Hobophobic(Scared Of Bums)
2.Philthy Phil Philanthropist
3.Freedom Like A Shopping Cart
4.Bleeding Heart Disease
5.Hot Dog In A Hallway
6.Release The Hostages
8.What's The Matter With Kids Today?
9.Love Story
10.The Black And White
11.Whatever Didi Wants
12.August 8th
13.Drop The World
Fuck The Kids 英文
1.Fuck The Kids I (提供)
2.Fuck The Kids Ii (提供)
3.I'm Telling Tim
4.Reagan Sucks
5.Posuer (提供)
6.My Name Is Bud
7.Two On Glue (提供)
8.Please Stop Fucking My Mom
9.Murder The Government
10.Stranger Than Fishin'
11.Stupid Canadians
12.Eric Melvin Vs.Pcp
13.Always Hate Hippies
All Of Me 英文
1.All Of Me2.The Desperation's Gone
45 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records 英文
1.Fun Things to F**k (If You're a Winner)
2.Last Caress
3.Murder the Government
4.I'm Telling Tim
5.My Name's Bud
6.Regan Sucks
7.Zyclone B Bathouse
8.Totally F**ked
9.F**k the Kids (Revisited)
10.Drugs Are Good
暂存1 英文
1.I've Become A Cliche
2.The Quitter (Demo)
3.Kill Rocks Stars
4.Jeff Wears Birkenstocks
5.Perfect Government
6.Punk Guy
7.Cheese, Where's My Slice
8.Jandiced Eye
9.Seeing Double At the Triple
10.Punk Song
11.We Ain't Shit
12.Life Of Riley
13.S and M Airlines
14.You Can Go Your Own Way
16.Philthy Phil Philantropist
17.Freedom Lika Shopping Cart
18.What's the Matter With Kids Today
19.A Perfect Goverment
20.Champs Elysées
21.Mister Jones
22.Hit It Hold It Back
23.Food, Sex And Ewe
24.Where's My Slice
26.I'm Tellin Tim
27.My Name's Bud (My Parents Smoked Too Much Pot)
28.Stupid Canadiens
29.Punk Rock Elite
30.That Bummer
31.I Wanna Be An Alcoholic
33.Wolves in Wolves' Clothing
34.Lazy Train
35.Olive Me
36.Open Your Eyes
37.See Her Pee
38.Timmy The Turtle
40.We Don't Play Ska Anymore
41.We Threw Gasoline On The Fire And Now We Have Stumps For Arms And No Eyebrows
42.The Plan
43.Thalidomide Child
46.Pump Up The Valuum
47.Germ Free Adolescent
48.Bath of Least Resistance
49.Beer Song
50.Champs Elysées ( english )
51.Monosylabic Girl
52.My Penis
53.San Francisco Fat
54.The KKK Took My Baby Away (Ramones cover)
55.Liza And Louzie
56.We Threw Gasoline...
57.Beer Bong Song
58.Corazon De Oro
59.Moron Brothers
60.We Threw Gasoline On The Fire...
61.Murder the Government (LP Version)
63.What's The Matter With Kids
64.What Now My Love
65.Golden Boys
66.The Seperation of Church and Skate
67.We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drum
68.Pump Up The Valium
69.What's The Matter With Parents
70.Concerns Of A GOP Neo-Phyte
71.Glass War
72.Jaw Knee Music
73.I'm Going To Hell For This One
74.Six Years on Dope
75.Have You Ever Seen the Rain
76.Creeping Out Tegan
77.No More Lies
78.Fun Things to Fuck
79.I Wanna Be an Alcoholic / Punk Guy
80.Canada Has Better Heroin
81.Outro (Eric Melvin Accordion Solo) (提供)
82.Screaming for Change
83.Lori Myers
84.Teenage Existentialist
85.You're Wrong
86.The Punk Song / Johnny B. Goode
87.Malachi Crunch
88.Shortest Pier
89.Talking 'Bout Yo Mama (提供)
90.The Separation of Church & Skate
91.Intro (live)
92.Nowhere (live)
93.Six Pack Girls (live)
94.Moron Brothers (live)
95.You Drink, You Drive, You Spill (live)
96.East Bay (live)
97.Hidden Track
暂存 英文
1.I'm the One
2.Olympia WA
3.Stand by Me
4.Oxy Moronic
5.I Am Going to Hell for This One
6.Door Nails
7.Hardcore 84
8.NO F-X
9.100 Times Fuckeder
10.The Man I Killed
11.No Way
12.Eat the Meek (Dub Mix)
13.13 Stitches (acoustic)
14.Whoops I OD'd (live)
15.Leaving Jesusland

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