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Van Morrison


Van Morrison

I Wanna Go Home

('Here's a very good old good one, see if you remember this one, see if we
('This is gonna be nice, this is gonna be very nice')

Sittin' on the Sloop John B
My granddaddy and me
'Round Nassau town we did roam
We'd been drinkin' all night
Well I got into a fight
Yeah and I feel so broke up
I wanna go home

Hoist up the John B sail's
See how the mainsail sets
Send for the Captain ashore
And let me go home
I wanna go home, I wanna go home, yeah
'Cause I feel so broke up, I wanna go home
Yes I do
(He's so broke up, Lord, I wanna go home)

Well Captain's a wicked man
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He gets drunk any time he can
And he don't give a damn for grandpappy
No, nor me
He kicks us around
And he knocks us about
Well I feel so broke up, I
I wanna go home

Well pull up the John B's sails
See how the mainsail sets
Send for the Captain ashore
And let me go home
I wanna go home
Well, I wanna go home
'Cause I feel so broke up (he's so broke up)
I wanna go home
(Yes I do)
I feel so broke up
(He so broke up)
Lord, that I wanna go home


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