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【 At The Movies 】【 英文 】【 2007-01-15 】


2.Baby Please Don't Go

3.Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)



6.Queen Of The Slipstream

7.Wild Night


9.Wonderful Remark

10.Brown Eyed Girl

11.Days Like This

12.Into the Mystic

13.Hungry For Your Love

14.Someone Like You

15.Bright Side Of The Road

16.Have I Told You Lately

17.Real Real Gone

18.Irish Heartbeat

19.Comfortably Numb


民谣摇滚的传奇人物Van Morrison范·莫里森!范·莫里森在流行乐坛就是一个全能性音乐人,从1967年离开Them乐队并在1968年发行第一张专辑《Astral Weeks》开始,他就巧妙地在流行音乐中融合进了节奏蓝调、爵士、布鲁斯、凯尔特音乐甚至古典音乐等元素,随着年纪渐长,他的音乐也越来越接近布鲁斯与爵士的根源。

范·莫里森原名乔治·伊凡·莫里森George Ivan Morrison,1945年8月31日出生于北爱尔兰的贝尔法斯特,她的母亲曾是一名爵士歌手。受家庭影响,他很小就对布鲁斯和爵士乐有浓厚的兴趣,15岁那年他就离开了学校去玩音乐了。他于1963年组织了他们Them乐队,出版了两张专辑《他们Them》和《还是他们Them Again》,其中有几首单曲《亲爱的不要离开Baby Please Don't Go》、《夜晚来临Here Comes the Night》、《格洛丽亚Gloria》和《神密的眼睛Mystic Eyes》。在全美巡演后,莫里森对美国的音乐商业感到失望,于是又回到爱尔兰。后来,制作人伯特.伯恩斯(BERT BERNS)邀请他重返美国为伯恩斯新成立的公司录制唱片,莫里森答应了。他的第1张单曲《棕色眼睛的姑娘Brown Eyed Girl》于1967年进入了美国排行榜前10名。他的头两张个人专辑都是在此时期发表的,中包括经典之作《让你心醉神迷Blowin’Your Mind,1968》。而后他推出了专辑《星际星期Astral Weeks》。莫里森在1970年推出《月宫舞》(Moondance)。1973年,他得在一支10人乐团“苏格兰灵歌管絃乐团”的陪同下,开始了他的首次大规模欧洲和北美洲巡演。《维登.费利斯》专辑问世后,他暂别摇滚舞台。

1977年复出。录制了唱片《转变时期A Period Transition》;1978年又录制了《波长Wavelength》; 1979年推出了《走入音乐Into the Music》; 1980年专辑《普通一员Common One》发表;专辑《美景Beautiful Vision》于1982年出版;《无法诉说的衷情Inarticulate Speech of the Heart》于1983推出;1984年《贝尔法斯特大歌剧院现场Live at the Grand Opera House, Belfast》发行;《奇念A Sense of Wonder》于1985年面世。在80年代的音乐中,莫里森追求的是纯精神主题,具有乡村流漫主义情调。这些音乐充分体现了莫里森致力于对音乐本身内涵的挖掘,把它作为“一种治疗的力量……一种药物”来加以阐述。《现在为时已晚It's Too Late Stop Now》1974则收有他鼎盛时期的现场演出。

1988年,他与酋长The Chieftains乐队录制了一张爱尔兰传统音乐专辑《爱尔兰人的心跳Irish Heartbeat》;1990年出版了《范·莫里森精选辑The Best of Van Morrison》。此后莫里森几乎每年都要出版一张专辑。1995年他出版了《像这样的日子Days like this》,这是他第22张专辑,内容大都是他28年来的首次出版的作品。同年年底,他录制出版了一张爵士乐专辑《这还要持续多久How Long Has This Been going on》。1年后,他录制了一张向爵士钢琴家本·协兰Ben Sidran和阿利森Allison致敬的专辑《莫里·阿利森之歌:告诉我点什么Songs of Mose Allison: Tell Me Something》。1997年初他出版了专辑《治疗的游戏The Healing Game》。

If Hollywood's marriage with pop music is too often a marketing-driven shotgun affair, there remain musicians whose artistry can't help but elevate whatever film project they're associated with. This 19-track compendium underscores that notion, gathering a career-spanning collection of the Irish rock-R&B legend's contributions to an eclectic body of films that stretches from Pope of Greenwich Village's effusive early solo hit 'Jackie Wilson Said' to the unlikely live collaboration with Roger Waters on 'Comfortably Numb' that seasons Martin Scorsese's Oscar-nominated The Departed. The collection serves as a concise primer to the high points of Van Morrison's mercurial career, from the gritty career-breakout hits ('Gloria,' 'Baby Please Don't Go') of his British Invasion band Them through such early solo touchstones as 'Wild Night,' 'Brown Eyed Girl,' 'Domino,' and the collection's fine, previously unreleased live version of 'Moondance' from An American Werewolf in London. But, as tracks like 'Wonderful Remark,' 'Bright Side of the Road,' 'Someone Like You,' and his Chieftains collaboration 'Irish Heartbeat' ably argue, it's also an invitation to explore less heralded, if equally seductive, corners of the singer's rich oeuvre. --Jerry McCulley

> Keep Me Singing

> Duets: Re-Working The Catalogue

> Moondance(Expanded Edition)

> Born to Sing: No Plan B

> Madame George - The Bang Sessions

> :Playlist: The Very Best of Van Morrison - The Bang Years

> Keep It Simple

> At The Movies

> What's Wrong With This Picture?

> The Early Years

> The Skiffle Sessions[Live In Belfast 1998]

> You Win Again

> The Skiffle Sessions - Live In Belfast

> Super Hits

> Back On Top

> The Philosopher's Stone

> The Healing Game

> Tell Me Something[The Songs Of Mose Allison]

> How Long Has This Been Going O

> Tell Me Something: The Songs of Mose Allison

> How Long Has This Been Going On

> Days Like This

> Too Long In Exile

> Best Of Van Morrison Vol.2

> Hymns To The Silence

> Enlightenment

> Best Of Van Morrison

> Avalon Sunset

> Irish Heartbeat[With The Chieftains]

> Poetic Champions Compose

> No Guru No Method No Teacher

> A Sense Of Wonder

> Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart

> Beautiful Vision

> Common One

> Into The Music

> Wavelength

> A Period Of Transition

> Veedon Fleece

> T.B. Sheets

> Hard Nose The Highway

> Saint Dominic's Preview

> Tupelo Honey

> His Band And The Street Choir

> The Best Of Van Morrison

> Moondance

> Astral Weeks

> Blowin' Your Mind

> Versatile

> Tupelo Honey (Expanded Reissue)

> The Story Of Them Featuring Van Morrison

> The Man

> The Lost Tapes

> Roll With the Punches

> It's Too Late to Stop Now (Live)

> Here Comes Van Morrison & Them & The Blizzards & The Monarchs

> Bang Masters

> Astral Weeks: Live At the Hollywood Bowl

> A Night In San Francisco

> A Night In San Francisco (Live)

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