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Van Morrison( 范莫里森 )



【 :Playlist: The Very Best of Van Morrison - The Bang Years 】【 英文 】【 2009-01-13 】

1.Goodbye Baby

2.I Love You

3.Brown Eyed Girl

4.Beside You

5.He Ain't Give You None

6.Joe Harper Saturday Morning

7.Madame George

8.Midnight Special

9.Ro Ro Rosey

10.Spanish Rose

11.T.B. Sheets

12.Who Drove The Red Sports Car


Welcome to the Playlist series. Painstakingly compiled by the artists and the music nuts at Legacy Recordings, these collections truly represent an artists' complete body of work. We've fished through hundreds-thousands-of tracks to cherry pick the perfect playlists. Not just the hits (anyone can find those). The life changing cuts. The out-of-print tracks. The fan favorites everyone loves. The songs that make the artist who they are.

You’ll no doubt enjoy the sound of the beautifully remastered songs on this CD (as opposed to MP3's that contain less information, which translate into compromised sound). But we think the thing you'll appreciate most about this Playlist is that even though you didn't make it, you might wish you did.

> Keep Me Singing

> Duets: Re-Working The Catalogue

> Moondance(Expanded Edition)

> Born to Sing: No Plan B

> Madame George - The Bang Sessions

> :Playlist: The Very Best of Van Morrison - The Bang Years

> Keep It Simple

> At The Movies

> What's Wrong With This Picture?

> The Early Years

> The Skiffle Sessions[Live In Belfast 1998]

> You Win Again

> The Skiffle Sessions - Live In Belfast

> Super Hits

> Back On Top

> The Philosopher's Stone

> The Healing Game

> Tell Me Something[The Songs Of Mose Allison]

> How Long Has This Been Going O

> Tell Me Something: The Songs of Mose Allison

> How Long Has This Been Going On

> Days Like This

> Too Long In Exile

> Best Of Van Morrison Vol.2

> Hymns To The Silence

> Enlightenment

> Best Of Van Morrison

> Avalon Sunset

> Irish Heartbeat[With The Chieftains]

> Poetic Champions Compose

> No Guru No Method No Teacher

> A Sense Of Wonder

> Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart

> Beautiful Vision

> Common One

> Into The Music

> Wavelength

> A Period Of Transition

> Veedon Fleece

> T.B. Sheets

> Hard Nose The Highway

> Saint Dominic's Preview

> Tupelo Honey

> His Band And The Street Choir

> The Best Of Van Morrison

> Moondance

> Astral Weeks

> Blowin' Your Mind

> Versatile

> Tupelo Honey (Expanded Reissue)

> The Story Of Them Featuring Van Morrison

> The Man

> The Lost Tapes

> Roll With the Punches

> It's Too Late to Stop Now (Live)

> Here Comes Van Morrison & Them & The Blizzards & The Monarchs

> Bang Masters

> Astral Weeks: Live At the Hollywood Bowl

> A Night In San Francisco

> A Night In San Francisco (Live)

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