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David Crowder*Band( 大卫克劳德乐团 )【 共收藏 18 张专辑, 240 首歌 】
大卫·克劳德乐队(大卫克劳德*乐队和大卫·克劳德*乐队风格)是得克萨斯州韦科的六件基督教摇滚和现代崇拜乐队。他们的最终专辑在Billboard Christian的第一名,Billboard的200张榜榜首。他们在2012年解散,大卫·克劳德(David Crowder)以“克劳德”(Crowder)和其他乐队的个人职业生涯,除了迈克·霍根(Mike Hogan)之外,组建了“数字时代”。

David Crowder – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, programming, theremin, keytar, electric guitar (1996-2012)
Jack Parker – electric guitar, background vocals, Rhodes piano, mandolin, and banjo (1996-2012)
Mike Dodson – bass guitar, keyboards, background vocals, cello (1996-2012)
Mike Hogan – violin/strings, turntables, guitar, keyboard (1996-2012)
Jeremy 'B-Wack' Bush - drums, percussion, bells, programming (1996-2012)
Mark Waldrop – electric guitar, mandolin, background vocals (2007-2012)
Jason Solley – electric guitar, background vocals and mandolin (1996–2006)
Taylor Johnson – electric guitar, mandolin, background vocals (2006–2007)
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All This For A King: The Essential Collection 英文
1.O Praise Him(All This For A King)
2.Our Love Is Loud Can You Hear Us Album Version
3.Open Skies
4.Here Is Our King
5.Wholly Yours
6.How He Loves Radio Edit
7.You Alone
8.Everything Glorious Remedy Album Version
9.The Glory Of It All
10.SMS(Shine) Radio Version
11.Shadows Family Force 5 Phenomenon Remix
12.After All(Holy) Capital Kings Remix
13.No One Like You The Digital Age Remix
14.This I Know (提供)
Give Us Rest 英文
1.Requiem Aeternam Dona Eis, Domine
2.Oh Great God, Give Us Rest
3.Lux Aeternam Shine (提供)
4.Come Find Me
5.God Have Mercy
6.Why Me?
7.Fall On Your Knees
8.A Burial
9.Let Me Feel You Shine
10.Reprise #1
11.Blessedness Of Everlasting Light
12.Sound Of Light (提供)
13.Interlude (提供)
Oh For Joy (EP) 英文
1.Joy To The World
2.Go Tell It On The Mountain
3.The First Noel
4.O Holy Night
5.O Come O Come Emmanuel
6.Angels We Have Heard On High
7.Silent Night
8.Carol Of The Bells/Christmas In Sarajevo (提供)
Let Me Feel You Shine (Single) 英文
1.Let Me Feel You Shine (Single)
Church Music 英文
Six Step Records
1.Phos Hilaron(Hail Gladdening Light)
2.Alleluia. Sing
3.The Nearness
5.Eastern Hymn
6.SMS (Shine)
7.The Veil
8.We Are Loved
9.All Around Me
10.How He Loves
11.Can I Lie Here
12.Birmingham (We Are Safe)
13.Church Music - Dance!
14.What A Miracle
15.Oh. Happiness
16.God Almighty. None Compares
17.In The End(O Resplendent Light!)
A Collision 英文
1.Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (A Walk Down Stairs)
2.A Quiet Interlude (提供)
3.I Saw the Light (Hank Williams Sr. cover)
4.O God Where are You Now (In Pickerel Lake? Pigeon? Marquette? Mackinaw?) (Sufjan Stevens cover)
5.B Quiet Interlude (提供)
6.Repeat/Return or When the Seventh Angel Sounded His Trumpet, and There Were Loud Voices in Heaven, Which Said: 'The Kingdom of the World Has Become the Kingdom of Our Lord and of His Christ, and He Will Reign Foreverandever, Etc…' (提供)
7.Rescue is Coming (B Walk Down Stairs)
8.A Conversation
9.The Lark Ascending or (Perhaps More Accurately, I'm Trying to Make You Sing)
10.The Story of Marty Stuart and the Rather Understated Jacket (提供)
The Lime CD 英文
1.Medley: Make A Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent
2.Make a Joyful Noise / I Will Not Be Silent
3.Every Move I Make
4.Sing Like the Saved
6.I Need Words / God of Wrath
7.End of October (提供)
8.Heaven Came Down (Demo Version)
The Lime CD (EP) 英文
2.Sing Like the Saved
3.Every Move I Make
4.Make a Joyful Noise / I Will Not Be Silent
5.I Need Words / God of Wrath
6.End of October (提供)
7.Heaven Came Down (Demo Version)
Illuminate 英文
1.Revolutionary Love
2.O Praise Him
3.Open Skies
Can You Hear Us? 英文
1.Our Love Is Loud2.My Hope
All I Can Say 英文
1.Thank You for Hearing Me
2.Cry Mercy
3.He Is The Love
4.All I Can Say
5.He Was There
6.Make a Joyful Noise
7.Rain Down
8.Lift My Eyes
9.The Color Song
10.Come Thou Fount
11.The Heights
Pour Over Me 英文
1.Come And Listen
2.You Alone
3.His Banner Over Me (提供)
4.Pour Over Me (提供)
5.Love Like Rain (提供)
6.Free (The Awakening) (提供)
7.Break My Heart (提供)
8.Abide In Me (提供)
9.Only You (I Will Worship) (提供)
10.I Have Decided To Follow Jesus (提供)
11.Your Waterfall
12.Lord We Ask (提供)
13.Good To Me (提供)
14.How Long, How Wide (提供)
15.The Solid Rock (提供)
Unknown 英文
1.Open Skies
Remedy Club Tour Edition 英文
1.The Lark Ascending Or I'm Trying To Make You Sing
2.The Glory Of It All
3.Can You Feel It?
5.Here Is Our King
6.You Are My Joy
7.We Won't Be Quiet
8.Foreverandever Etc...
9.A Beautiful Collision
10.Never Let Go
12.I Saw The Light
13.Surely We Can Change
14.O Praise Him
15.Everything Glorious
Passions from One Day 03 英文
Give Us Rest Or (A Requiem Mass In C [The Happiest of All Keys]) 英文
1.Sequence 1
2.Because He Lives
3.Oh Great God, Give Us Rest
4.Come Find Me
5.Why Me?
6.Fall On Your Knees
7.A Burial
8.Reprise #1 (提供)
9.Blessedness of Everlasting Light
10.Interlude (提供)
11.After All (Holy)
12.Oh, My God I'm Coming Home (提供)
13.Jesus, Lead Me to Your Healing Waters
14.Leaning on the Everlasting Arms / 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
15.Sequence 4 (提供)
16.Sequence 5 (提供)
17.Sequence 7
18.Reprise #2 (提供)
19.Oh My God
20.I Am a Seed (提供)
21.There Is a Sound (提供)
22.Oh, Great Love of God
23.Our Communion
24.A Return
25.Oh, My God I'm Coming Home (提供)
26.Leaning On the Everlasting Arms / 'Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus (Medley)
B Collision or (B is for Banjo), or (B sides), or (Bill), or perhaps more accurately (...the eschatology of Bluegrass) (With Bonus Track) 英文
1.Intro (I've Had Enough) - B Collision Album Version
2.Be Lifted - Live From Kansas With Robbie Seay and Shane And Shane;B Collision Album Version
3.I Saw The Light - Live From Kansas With Robbie Seay and Shane And Shane;B Collision Album Version
暂存 英文
1.How He Loves [Live]
2.Like A Lion [Live]
3.You Never Let Go
4.No One Like You (The Digital Age Remix)
5.After All (Holy) (Capital Kings Remix)
6.Shadows (Family Force 5 Phenomenon Remix)
7.Can You Feel It?
8.O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing
9.We Won't Be Quiet
12.All Creatures Of Our God And King
13.Come Thou Fount
14.I Lift My Eyes
16.I Need Words
17.No One Like You
18.Make A Joyful Noise
19.SMS (Shine) (Radio Version)
20.How He Loves (Radio Version)
21.Wonderful King
22.After All (Holy) [Capital Kings Remix]
23.No One Like You [The Digital Age Remix]
24.This I Know [New Crowder Track]
25.How He Loves [Radio Version]
26.Sms (Shine) [Radio Version]
27.Shadows [Family Force 5 Phenomenon Remix]
28.Alleluia, Sing
29.Can I Lie
30.Church Music - Dance (!)
31.Oh Happiness
32.God Almighty, None Compares
33.In The End (Oh Resplendent Light)
34.Turkish Delight
36.Like A Lion
37.Do Not Move
39.Glorious Day (提供)
41.All Creatures #2
42.O God Where Are You Now (In Pickerel Lake? Pigeon? Marquette? Mackinaw?)
43.Deliver Me
44.All Creatures
45.Secret Ambition
46.No One Like You (Thanksgiving Mix)
47.Undignified/You Alone
48.Deliver Me (Antidromic Mix)
49.Only You
50.How Great
51.You're Everything
52.God of Creation
53.God of Wrath
54.Intoxicating (Pneumatic Mix)
55.Revolutionary Love (Neo-Mechanical Mix)
56.Stars (From The Mount Wilson Observatory)
57.Our Happy Home
58.Come Awake
59.Be Lifted or Hope Rising
60.We Win!
61.Intro (I've Had Enough)
62.Feliz Navidad
63.Sparks Fly (提供)
64.Soon I Will Be Done With The Troubles Of The World
65.Heaven Came Down
67.All Creatures, No. 2
68.Phos Hilron (Hail Gladdening Light)
69.We Win! (A Collision Album Version)
70.Undignified (I Will Dance, I Will Sing) - Can You Hear Us Album Version
71.Oh The Glory Of It All - Live From Passion07
72.Shadows - feat. Lecrae
73.Our Love Is Loud - 2006 Digital Remaster
74.Come And Listen - Live From Passion06
75.Our Love Is Loud - Our Love Is Loud Album Version
76.A Beautiful Collision - B Varient
77.No One Like You (Performance Track In Key of Gb With Background Vocals)
78.Everything Glorious (Everything Glorious Album Version)
79.Rock of Ages
80.Make an Ocean
81.This Land Is Your Land
82.My Beloved
83.Here's My Heart
84.Everything Glorious (Everything Glorious)
85.O God Where Are You Now

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