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David Crowder*Band


David Crowder*Band

Stars (From The Mount Wilson Observatory)

David Crowder Band
You should see the stars tonight
How they shimmer shine so bright
Against the black they look so white
Comin' down from such a height
To reach me now, you reach me now

You should see the moon in flight
Cuttin' 'cross the misty night
Softly dancin in sunshine
Reflections of this light
Reach me now, you reach me now

And how could such a thing
Shine it's light on me
And make everything beautiful again

An' you should feel the sun in the spring
Comin' out after a rain
Suddenly all is green
Sunshine on everything
I can feel it now, I feel You now

And how could such a thing
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Shine it's light on me
Then make everything beautiful

And you should hear the angels sing
All gathered 'round their king
More beautiful than you could dream
I've been quietly listening
You can hear 'em now, I hear 'em now

And how could such a King
Shine His light on me
And make everything beautiful

And I wanna shine, I wanna be light
I wanna tell you it'll be alright
And I wanna shine and I wanna fly
Just to tell you now it'll be alright
It'll be alright, it'll be alright

'Cos I got nothing of my own to give it to you
But this light that shines on me shines on you
And makes everything beautiful again


David Crowder*Band
1.How He Loves [Live]
2.Like A Lion [Live]
3.You Never Let Go
4.No One Like You (The Digital Age Remix)
5.After All (Holy) (Capital Kings Remix)
6.Shadows (Family Force 5 Phenomenon Remix)
7.Can You Feel It?
8.O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing
9.We Won't Be Quiet
12.All Creatures Of Our God And King
13.Come Thou Fount
14.I Lift My Eyes
16.I Need Words
17.No One Like You
18.Make A Joyful Noise
19.SMS (Shine) (Radio Version)
20.How He Loves (Radio Version)
21.Wonderful King
22.After All (Holy) [Capital Kings Remix]
23.No One Like You [The Digital Age Remix]
24.This I Know [New Crowder Track]
25.How He Loves [Radio Version]
26.Sms (Shine) [Radio Version]
27.Shadows [Family Force 5 Phenomenon Remix]
28.Alleluia, Sing
29.Can I Lie
30.Church Music - Dance (!)
31.Oh Happiness
32.God Almighty, None Compares
33.In The End (Oh Resplendent Light)
34.Turkish Delight
36.Like A Lion
37.Do Not Move
39.Glorious Day(提供)
41.All Creatures #2
42.O God Where Are You Now (In Pickerel Lake? Pigeon? Marquette? Mackinaw?)
43.Deliver Me
44.All Creatures
45.Secret Ambition
46.No One Like You (Thanksgiving Mix)
47.Undignified/You Alone
48.Deliver Me (Antidromic Mix)
49.Only You
50.How Great
51.You're Everything
52.God of Creation
53.God of Wrath
54.Intoxicating (Pneumatic Mix)
55.Revolutionary Love (Neo-Mechanical Mix)
56.Stars (From The Mount Wilson Observatory) (修改)
57.Our Happy Home
58.Come Awake
59.Be Lifted or Hope Rising
60.We Win!
61.Intro (I've Had Enough)
62.Feliz Navidad
63.Sparks Fly(提供)
64.Soon I Will Be Done With The Troubles Of The World
65.Heaven Came Down
67.All Creatures, No. 2
68.Phos Hilron (Hail Gladdening Light)
69.We Win! (A Collision Album Version)
70.Undignified (I Will Dance, I Will Sing) - Can You Hear Us Album Version
71.Oh The Glory Of It All - Live From Passion07
72.Shadows - feat. Lecrae
73.Our Love Is Loud - 2006 Digital Remaster
74.Come And Listen - Live From Passion06
75.Our Love Is Loud - Our Love Is Loud Album Version
76.A Beautiful Collision - B Varient
77.No One Like You (Performance Track In Key of Gb With Background Vocals)
78.Everything Glorious (Everything Glorious Album Version)
79.Rock of Ages
80.Make an Ocean
81.This Land Is Your Land
82.My Beloved
83.Here's My Heart
84.Everything Glorious (Everything Glorious)
85.O God Where Are You Now

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