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【 Good to Be Home 】【 英文 】【 2014 】

1.The Summer
2.Rap Dope
3.Boyz N the Hood
4.Whip Creme, Pt. One
5.The West
6.The 50Z
7.The LA
8.Summer Time
10.The Return
11.Back Home Again
12.Brown Sugar
13.Bobby Brown
14.Can't Stop, Won't Stop
15.The West, Pt. Two
16.Dre Day
17.Red & Gold
18.Child Support
19.Well Fare
20.He Man

1.The Summer (提供)

2.Rap Dope (修改)

[Verse 1]
Ayo relax soul,and rap dope
Surpassed hope I was young, survived life
Lightskin ridin' with Co$$, making runs making funds
Snatch you off the mic if you wasn't nice
This is rap, I script the ridiculous
You could kiss me once, reciting Biggie get that nigga hung
Cuban links cost too much, I broke a brick
Fuck you think slum, 83' N.W.A. TJ Beast
My rap like, bring a nigga back like AZ
Life is a bitch that never raised me
I'm from the 80's you could picture me crazy
Kinda gravy with that wavy flow
I need that Caddy or Mercedes so your lady know
That i'm from cali y'all
Page me after 8 and we'll be straight
Bombay on the breaks and it's a day
Rap Dope

[Verse 2]
It's like, yea
She shined all the time
Put the Piru on my mind
Pardon me, for my love i'm doing fine
I'm sure you looking good, pushing good
Wassup with that, watchu' talking?
You knew I would, what the deal witchu' doll?
I see you lookin' all delectable, it's quite huxtable
Of you to get involved
No more pushing the button when the stick up kid is buttoned up in that button up
Hope I ain't stuck up
Pardon my mouth but I don't wanna sock my watch in your mouth
I grew up with the fuzz huggin my [?]
[?]Autobot, Robocop, doughnuts, ice cream trucks, Parliament thump
Fresh Prince with the comic, one pant leg doing the LL
It never failed, running hoes in my penny
Smashing left over, stolen from Denny's, rolling from fifties
Folding up 50's, posing with the whole shit, sewn up with me
On the low for the city though
Rap Dope

[Verse 3]
Straight up
Destined to do it
Blessing the presents with the presence
A steadier message, who is you foolin'?
Calvin Coolin' with that Doolittle soundtrack
I rep the squad, Def Jam CDs in my napsack
Raekwon, Pooh Bear, leaning on my low life
No life is no joke, the microphone fiends on the mic
Saw Willams was silly, I never met him, a pity really
Even still though, I honor the professor, none the lesser
I play the movie, not the director, it's never better
Some niggas need to keep they shit together like you pee MD
[?]is etc, the plethora, miles ahead of ya
I tell em smile forever but you'll never last
I shot the best dressed in class cuz he made me wear the best I had
I'm never mad though, relax soul, back roll
The teacher asked how I get that much cash flow
Rap Dope, nigga

3.Boyz N the Hood (修改)

feat. Fashawn & Pac Div

[Verse 1:Fashawn]
I was in love with the block, call it the avenue Jones
Through the village we just happened to roam
Knuckleheads, bad to the bone
And every single snotnose had an addict at home
I drunk Vodka and juice with the fatherless youth
Everyday in between the hours of two we ate taco's and hoot
Every now and then somebody would shoot
They hit that younging with a stray while he was tying his shoe
Let if off then they hopped in the coupe
And nobody said a word about the body on the curb
Hit the homie Flacko, that's the vato with the herb
I mean he probably cool, but his posse full of herbs
Got a Chronic from the 'burbs
Around the same time I was trying to learn
How to pick a lock with a hanger, load shots in the chamber
Get loaf from the cops and the neighbors
Boys in the hood

[Verse 2]
Born and raised in killa Cali, dreaming one day the city's ours
Young niggas hopping fences looking chilly [?]
Young kids wearing Nike's sharing bikes, tearing mics up
Kept a nice cut in the fades
Never affiliated, but my niggas bang getting paid
Shouts to my grandma, still in the J's
Coco ave. fo-fo mag tucked away when the po-po's pass
Walked to the stove, but don't step on the old folk grass
A 80's baby like thrifty's and [?]
Wear the wrong colors might as well dig your grave
Ditch your school to throw hands, stick and move
Bagging chicks at five tails like shit was cool
Dipping dudes, go by a set of different rules
We obviously ain't got shit to lose, boys in the hood

[Verse 3: Blu]
I got the old 3 sitting on my neck for my set
Big B sitting on my chest for the best
Headed to the East, raised in the West
In them streets I think you need a cage and a vest
Ducking strays on my way to church, on my way to work
Blazed trying to lace a verse so I can pay the first
Blu be copping chains, shopping days 'til my pockets hurt
Rob a purse if she see me in a soggy shirt
But on the turf niggas flipping work, chickens chirp
On a flirt, nonsense, no smirk, jerkface, tell the jerk
Burgers in a shank
If she think she worth what she work she need a break
Pissing off the city with a silly cigarette on my BMX
With my Rollie on and my Holy text
Telling Moses ''you can lead us through the sea''
But you can't keep seas out the streets
Boys in the hood

[Verse 4]
After school niggas eating Cheeto's by the tether-ball
Tony Starks had me fiending for them leather clarks
5-0-1's, I'm [?]
Niggas going chesting, we watched Darwin duck
Bad niggas rocking duck tails, thermos with the lunch pail
Taking trips to Cadeline and niggas swear we upscale
Puff ails, OE cans and Mickey
Real Venice before they're turning shit to [?]
That pass is in me skating through that 818
Homies out the pen like Ray Lewis gaining weight
It ain't for play
Thought you know them boys that banging the whole hood
Shook, just soft of [?]
[?]Domino, my uncle bumped the Commodores
Humping on the sub and just be done before their mama home
Reminiscing with these poisonous goods
Dopeboy, get that dope, boy, boys in the hood

[Verse 5]
Lost in promiseland milking honey's
Feel the dreams, this the city of angel
Set your neck on the line, that shit'll get strangled
What you expect? Besides connected, the culdesac counsil
Starterjacks [?]and it sort of pass
Fresh from court, no ward in pass
Pour more with a taller glass
Monetary support towards some college class
A wealth of knowledge, hustle mania
Game became placed to make power
Sitting on the stoop like a substitute, solid
Chopping it with the barbers [?]
Sipping a chalice in childish comfort
The colors got colored improper
Shuffling shuckers, cool suckers, cards for audit

4.Whip Creme, Pt. One (提供)

5.The West (修改)

[Verse 1]
Ayo, crusin' down Weston with them colourful hats
Gold and that black such a lovable match
The rap huxtable, comfy like bubbles and baths
Wasn't fucking with the putting brown bubbles in bags
I'm from the West, my flag got them brown bear on it
Sagged and rocked rags when my folks ain't condone it
When the folks in the stones was opponents I was postin' in my room
Staring at the wall
Wishing I was a baller, or a little bit taller
Now I'm 6'4 I want a 64' Impala
System serving the city
City staining walls up
Thinking bout my father when I look at that revolver

[Verse 2]
Nigga, ayo
Peeling off Crenshaw, Crippin' with Co$$
[?]be the boss
I'm trying not to floss the hog sauce or the Häagen-Dazs
Hopping off, holla at me, had
Mad personality, swag on
Vernon Ave, Trojan on the Trojan cap
Orange juice Simpson
Imma murk that
Circled back I seen her, she bendy, she kinda bad
If she don't know your boy tell her to hop in the back
I keep the chrome strap under both seats like my og
Cold streets put the heat back where it's supposed to be
Rollin' through the drive-in and we were loking
My niggas wasn't supposed to be back there
The West, the west, the west

[Verse 3]
Sitting on Slauson for the fish and the bread
C's on my head like the Cincinnati Reds
Fucking niggas on my business like the feds
I'm like Chauncey Billups is [?]
I called med just to get me some meds
Cough phlegm, cough red, gangrene to the head
Same thing to [?]
Now stranded on Weston like a weston with a
Bold sweater yo[?]
Chicks was all pepper cuz she knew I'd sweat her
If I was a regular
But I'm a G I threw that letter up
Cali's a G too I met her once
She told me when all them west Africans stay here, they cheddar up
Gave her gold and some child born flesh and blood
Called them Blu just to prove the west won

6.The 50Z (提供)

7.The LA (提供)

8.Summer Time (修改)

feat. Arima Ederra & Blu

[Verse 1:Blu]
Yours truly
A cutie with no brains, a booty
The Lovebug Starski tape with the dookie
I took her to the drive in movies with the toolie
Yeah, in case she tried to do me
It was hot as July without Julie
Just true newbies in the back, twist the loose leaf
The system hittin' bitches in Jacuzzi's
Said it wouldn't be Cali without the Uzis
Yup, Slide through, the ending I'll drive through
With the 2 Live Crew
The fly chicks I knew she knew me
She said I liked you in high school, she blew me
I bought her an iced tea with ice cubes
Word up
We was 'bout to go to work, but we murked to the jam
And all the girls threw their shirts up
It's summertime

Summer, summer, summertime
Time to sit back and unwind

[Verse 2: Bombay]
The dope touch like Magic, static get stuck
Cool cat must of spit lead, lyrics is buck
Smash through your speaker and get an upgrade
Hit the shop fresh cut high top fade
Cool water freshness, car painted glaze
Hittin' corners 22 inches and no blade
Ride dirty, dip through the traffic, stay paid
Hit the court AI cross I'm snug in the J's


[Verse 3: Blu]
We dump the 1's on the block when the sun get hot
Hit the beach with the freaks, Chucks with no socks
You know the steelo, my people got it locked
Pelligrino's for 3 hoes easin' up the block
They turn around and see what we peepin at
That all natural type of aphrodisiac
We leavin at noon, the drinks was consumed, we all buzzed
But back then we ain't really know what it was


[Verse 4: Bombay]
Finger roll on bosses
Self made and well connected brothers
Cuttin butters lavish livin' base wonder
Count skins like a deer hunter
You know how we do
Many dishes and bottles for my people
It's illegal how the steez do
You know 2 miles an hour so everybody see you
Bass bang out automatic buzz like that
Good, good five techin' with the walkin' fuzz


9.Home (提供)

10.The Return (修改)

[Verse 1]
Ayo I never banged, and through it all, never changed my name
They used to call me Young Blu, before the fame
Like my cousin Smurf, heard about a OG who used to run that turf
Then he got murked
Puttin' in work with the Blacks when the Browns was beefin'
I got my griefin' after school with the chicks grievin'
Like Blu, thank God that wasn't you, ayo
One week later, they got my homeboy too, ayo
Dang, my cousin used to tell me, 'Boy watch for them colors.'
Other than that, you be the illest mothafucka'
So I pushed to the streets, I pushed to the beach
End up pushin' more raps than I ever pushed trees
I had beats from the best
Just to make it known, I was a beast from the West
Tryna get put on with the Snoops and the Games
The Cubes and the Pacs
Next thing you know they bangin' Blu on the block
My nigga, bang!

When the times get hard in the streets, niggas bang
When them right bars sit up on the beat, niggas bang
When niggas sling cocaine all day to make change
Niggas bang, niggas bang, niggas bang-bang
Tryna tell ahk, 'Watch where you walk', niggas bang
When that spark set fire to that heart, niggas bang
From the rollers to the lames, ain't a damn thing change
My niggas bang, niggas bang, bang-bang

[Verse 2]
Now I'm back up on the block, rap shit locked
Pocket full of money, no crack in my socks
Shouts to the homies in jail with no bail
And props to the homies that blow but don't sell
They be like 'Oh well, more room for the real'
Popped a fake in the face for actin' like I can't tell
Yeah it feels all good in the hood, I know it ain't
Should be smellin' all good, but, I know it stank
Tell the homie hold the shape while I blow that dank
Roll the streets with that cannon like we rollin' tanks
Unh, gold plates ho, I know they gon' hate
Might as well get the gold plaques, and the platinum chains
See me when you see me, 'til then, kiss the genie
Spell G, me, you could never be me, believe me
Put your CD on smoke, fuck PDs and the hoes
And them niggs talkin' 'bout their shit bang when it don't
My nigga, bang

No stranger to the game, but you can't seem to relieve her
You'll see her, when the morning comes


[Verse 3]
Ayo, next thing you know, I'm in that county
With a whole bunch of real OG's surroundin' me
What you do when your name's Blu
And you run into a Crip, a Cholo, a Piru?
And everybody wanna know on the coast, what set you claim
All my life I had that name, but never banged
I'm from the Bridge, my folk from the 4th
East side to the dro, and all the way back home, let it be known
I got love for my block, love for my color
Love for my streets, and love for my brother
But a nigga put his hands on me, we catch fades
Fuck I look like? 30, gettin' jumped in a gang
And my peeps say, 'How you keep peace these days
If you ain't got a piece by your reach these days?'
I say, my nigga, when you victim to the system
It don't matter what you do, they always fuckin' with you
So just bang


11.Back Home Again (提供)

12.Brown Sugar (提供)

13.Bobby Brown (提供)

14.Can't Stop, Won't Stop (提供)

15.The West, Pt. Two (提供)

16.Dre Day (修改)

[Verse 1]
World Class
Since Wreckin' Cru
Cause my resume say 'Wreckin' Crews'
Cut all my records like the best to do it
Destined to
Dress for the music so I could step to it
Ya, no one does it better as I step to her
Lex Lugers through your smoke and mirrors I appear miraculous
Emotions clear, my devotion matters
I clap rappers like awards-show writers
Whats the doors of your Viper to the thoughts of a Christler
Opportunity knocks on the window of my Limo and offendin'
Trying to give advice how I could get on
Nigga, you couldn't picture the soundscapes I spit on
I'll do it for you
Aluminum foil for sitcoms
Have rap wrapped like Reynolds
For rentals and continentals
On Centinela posted like a Sentinel with seven yellers
Kiss Ladera on my way to work
Skip church
Twisted up the earth in a new shirt

Ya, Dre day
Dre day
Dre day
Uh, and did I mention chronic?

[Verse 2]
Was sick, went through Bubonics
If you through with knowledge
No comment
The Lakers beat the Supersonics
Straight Ebonics
If you want to call it alcoholic
Found my wallet
Next thing you know I'm found on Slauson
Talking all them prices down before I take a shot of Sunset
We couldn't crush, we wasn't one yet
If the ones wasn't huggin' my block, cuffin' my knots
I could pull out my charriot, stop and just ride
Uh, for all the bitches and the hoes and tricks
Ya, we brought it back so you don't forget
Dre day
Uh, Dre day

17.Red & Gold (提供)

18.Child Support (提供)

19.Well Fare (修改)

feat. Casey Veggies & Thurz


[Hook: Blu]
This is what happens when the [?]gets to rapping
And your woman gets to asking for them needs, needs, needs

[Verse 1: Thurz]
A little, sugar and cinnamon
[?]panties but I'm swimming in, wetness around my peninsula
Her and her woman friend captain, navigate like Morgan til the morning
And the, Henny was empty, Spiced rum made me sin again
It's fun and games until feelings get involved
And with them unanswered texts watch how craziness evolves
Until she falls out of position with all the bitches
Knowing I'm a skinny family guy, on my Peter Griffin
Ass fat and dumb as well, who wouldn't want to stick in it?
She craving wood to fall between her thighs like Timber, land
Step in terrains, I hash swayed in the rain
Fucked up my steez, a sidepiece trying to be my main dang
Went cold turkey on her, threatened my name
Saying she hope I die, that Al-Qaeda blow up my plane
I'm glad I came, not in ya, I have the wants of a sinner
Before your needs I'm a Indian giver


[Verse 2: Blu]
Either she love me or she hate, either way she crazy
Rumor had it, the chick had to pay me just to date me
She kept me on repeat, but she could never play me
Thinking just because I beat I'ma give your ass a baby?
Baby listen, takes one in a million to be my lady
Let alone what I put in a song could never make me put the smash on the mash potatoes
It's all gravy, tell a nigga like a bitch with Clippers, you can't fade me
Hit the barber for the taper, 'fore I call Tracy
Now my ex wanna trace my steps like Dick Tracy
Chill on the pills love, you think I'm dicking Tracy?
She sounded out that M and M, Slim Shady
Bitch you been broke, I get payed for days that I been poor
Ask bails and cats outta jail, what you been for?
Even though I'm pimping you won't find me with no bimbo
Plus you know I can't hear your ass once I close that Benz door, So
Um.. yeah


[Verse 3: Casey Veggies]
She stuck in that material complex, reaching all in my pockets
Shawty making my arms stretch
Like I be hearing you rapping bout that already on shit
And I don't know where you headed or where your mind be going
Bands'll make her dance, but make her submit a plan
Mama was drinking white, I was off that [?]
She like 'I know you 19, on your grown man'
Pay for rent for my momma, let her hold [?]
Niggas is just [?], girl you should fuck with me
Long as you comfort me, we can live comfortably
I shop at Louis V, quite occasionally
Custom Damier wallet and [?]
I'm on that fly shit, my car ride quick
I spit that shit that boost a young nigga confidence
Just ride with me, die with me, don't be talking shit
Yeah.. and it's all legit


20.He Man (提供)