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【 Lifted (EP) 】【 英文 】【 2006 】

1.Another Day
2.The Narrow Path
3.Soul Provider
4.Party of Two
5.Soul Amazin' (Steelin') [Remix]

1.Another Day (修改)

Just another day living in the hood
Just another day around the way
Just another day, another day

[Verse 1]
They say rap's like a trap
So I'm looking for the map to the back door
Sometimes I sit and wonder what the fuck I'm rapping for
So many cats more talented
That never had a chance in it
Not to mention niggas tryna damage it
Cold hearted vandalists
Fucking up the culture
They acting like it's kosher to rap for the advantages
Making the game scandalous
Stranded so far from the art
You start to wonder if they ever was a fan of it
I'm digging in the crates with the candles lit
Looking for a record to describe my anger so I can sample it
Condense my feelings into sixteen bars
And try to sugarcoat my quotes so they won't seem raw
And I can tell what you folks' dreams are
Cus all the video shows
Is hoes jocking
Niggas knocking on cars
Now the young'uns want a piece of the pie
So the devil let's them starve and start feeding em lies
Now try to digest that
And you wonder why we buy stress sacks
To shit out what niggas
Dish out without Ex-Lax
I'm trying to get outta the west coast, Blacc
It's a bad place
To raise fam
And I'll be damned if I ever get back
Where shit's at now
It'll make Martin Luther shake his head
And sit back down
Like these niggas had the same dream
And Malcolm X would wonder
All y'all are on the same team
The way these fiends keep
Droning on in the mainstream
The lame thing about it
The same teams that bought it
Probably skipping this song
Build the walls around the ignorance
Defending what's wrong
Instead of fighting for freedom
That's why I only write in what I believe in and nothing less

[Verse 2]
I shoulda listened when my Moms told my ass to stay in class
Shoulda listened instead of ditching to get a little ass
Or maybe I shoulda listened to my Pops when he told me hip-hop won't do shit
But keep me on the block
Or maybe I shoulda listened to my niggas pitching rocks
Cause they pushing nice whips from cooking white bricks
Or maybe I should be like my uncle
That nigga be pimping White chicks
But none of em lead a life like this
It's like the right do righteous
To try to stay the fuck out of hell
But me, I'm tryna stay the fuck out of jail
Cause I can smell trouble coming my way
Plus there's so many reasons a nigga want to keep a gun to his waist
It don't take much to make him pull out
Cause niggas die for they rides, money and broads or calling the wrong hood out
And suckers still tripping on colors like a motherfucking racist
My cousin was banging at my Aunt's cookout
It's a full-out war and I don't know who to listen to
I thought rap was a positive gap I could get in to
But nowadays you gotta bust a cap if they dissing you
Either that or be labeled a bitch cause you didn't shoot
It's hard to pick and choose right from wrong
Like if you rap about freedom, nobody likes your song
But do a track about cheating, bitches will play it all night long
I don't get it why the righteous fall
Like my ex used to bump Xzibit and her favorite line was
I be catching bitches while bitches be catching feelings
Yet she don't want me tricking around
See, she idolize the lifestyle but don't want none of it going down
It's kinda like these phony clowns thinking they hood dwellers
Acting Mafioso cause they seen Goodfellas
Now they running through the hood yelling Blu is bucking rounds
Bet you're giving your attention to me now

2.The Narrow Path (修改)

Produced By:Exile

Tryna tell my folks that flowing ain't easy

[Verse 1: Blu]
Picture me sitting in front of eighty-eight keys trying to escape
From a shady place where babies blaze trees on a daily day
Tryna get they gravy straight to floss cause told me homey watch it
These ladies play dirty games with you get to grinding
Where niggas pitch as quick as Nolan Ryan
Holding iron, blowing smoke, elope in fire, flame spitting
The game is just a way to escape
And our pain is just a way we can relate to folks crying
Finding ways I can make a difference
But fuck wishing on a star
Cause the percentage of getting what you envisioned is small
And the stars barely shine in the city, so we're blinded
By the man-made bright lights, making my eyes shifty
Feel me out, hear me now, crying childs of the ghetto
Letting go a beautiful sound, it's kinda falsetto
Hello hell, welcome to L.A. where devils that dwell play
They meddle with metal and letting every shell spray
Until day dawns, I make songs for the long road travelers
And lost souls after us
Spitting lyrics vicious like I'm mad as fuck
Packing up my bags, hopping back on the narrow path that's planned for us

Tryna tell my folks that flowing ain't easy
Travelling down this yellow brick road until it frees me
I need a pen, I need a pad, I need a place to go
To get this shit lifted off a my soul

[Verse 2: Blu]
In this world that I'm living in
I've given into sex, stress, and dividends
Los Angeles, metropolis, city of vexed citizens
Folks that smoke infinite dope for hope living in
Poverty is probably the less stressed position to go
So we don't have positions to hold
So we pitch snow and live in the cold in hell
Inhaling, feeling heaven is close
But like roadkill I'm still on this road
Bold as any soilder playing his role
I stroll the streets in the cold
Even in the summer heat it gets cold
So we stroll with the heat and it's cold
It's beeen a long troublesome road and im still traveling
Fuck battling, just managing life is challenging
Though I managed to make it
I damaged the places up in my mind
Like the times of Los Angles greatest
Wasting time and lifespans fucking around
I'm spitting deep shit stuck underground
So just dig it, or don't fuck with it
Cause you can't fuck with it


[Verse 3: Blu]
Check it and I'll be playing Escapism by Pete Rock
Hot, watching police plot knocks to get my peeps locked
Smiling as my teeth rot from eating sugar coated quotes
Smoking dope to float away, but hey
The air is nice up there
I swear the feeling's good as chilling with a nice cold beer
We fallen angels rocking halo's like it's priced up gear
And if you need me, just ring me, shit I'll be right up here
Where fear is non-existent
Instead of drifting in a prison, where my mind's restricted
Where my Mom is wishing trying to get her broken promise mended
I'm training to be a seamstress, sewing holes that dreams fit
Fiends bring broken clocks, tryna get their dreams fixed
Ticking, itching, tocking watching, God is watching you
But you rather have a watch with lots of diamonds I've been fooled
By the word a few times, who cares if Blu rhymes
About hoes or saving souls, they wanna hear that beat ride
I rewind and try to play back the days that they would play stacks
Of 8-tracks to recline, now we blaze sacks
Taking back the feeling hidden in me when we used to smile, remember that
It's been a while, so I'm blowing off the dust
Brushing dirt up off my nutts, got this feeling in my gut
Im tryna let it out so if you with me then listen up, listen
Listen up cause uh, I got this feeling in my gut
What the fuck


3.Soul Provider (修改)

Produced By:Exile

So amazing
From the soul y'all

[Verse 1]
The soul provider
Gotta lot on the skillet
Grilling it hard-boiled
Charcoal filling
The dark villain and the light-skinned niggas disguised
My mind's sickening
Define vicious written in rhymes
Times tens-it
To describe how my line's ending
Your fine imprint
Described through your mind's index
My line chin-checks
And shine through your blinds, instant
The sun syndicate
Fat as Biggie with no Pun intended
No pun intended to live
I pick up where we slid and run illest
Til I buckle and become winded
And all the air from out my lungs slips into the sky like weed smoke
My peoples need hope
And I'm the one with it
The soul provider
Cold as fire, hot as ice
Rock the mic til I retire
Die the son of Christ
Becoming one with life
To live like death is uncertain
One curtain left and I'mma die with my gun bursting
Tongue cursing til I must become one with the Earth
Heaven and hell I conquer
Whichever comes first
Known to rebel
My soul a la mode
My soul a la mode
The soul provider

I'm a hit you with the words that'll make your soul vibe
It's so amazin' and still blazing
From the soul y'all
I'm a hit you with the words that'll make your soul vibe
Cause I know I got that soul

[Verse 2]
Sacred living
Sinning like you can't forgive him
Suspending time with my time spent rhyming about nonsense
Like saving religion
Drink sipping
Letting my mind spin
Thinking about my mom and pops
How they designed this nigga
Mix of Al Green and Pac
Rock the soul tracks
Rapping about surviving on the block
Black top, asphalt talk
Walking through the fire like a soul provida'
Poppa made a dope rhymer
I'ma ghetto nigga sipping liquor in pajamas
Not old enough to rock clubs but still do
Real soul provider
I gotta ill crew
And best believe they with me in the city like sex
Metropolitan connects
Plus the steel crew still do dirt
Baggy jeans and my ill blue shirt
Feeling fresh, yes
While Ex' queue the keys
I'mma ease through your soul
Like you're blowing trees
Best believe the soul provider


[Verse 3]
I flow krypton
Knock your Superman off his feet with his kicks on
Niggas keep my shit on repeat
And no matter which song I get on
I shit on beats
Pull out my dick and take a piss on trees
I'm raw dogging it, look
My rhyme lines flow sweeter than swine
So any mic that I find
I got the right to be hogging it
Talking shit, loud mouth
Wild out, starting it
Alcoholic slaughtering my vocab department
So pardon if my talking is slurred
Pants sagging, hands grabbing on my nuts
Clutch sparking my herb
Relaxed lingo, beef low
Ghetto as Black bingo
Redefine the the line of rap singles
The soul provida'
Hold the mic and open fire
Drop my nuts, I give a fuck about a pro hire
The new Pete and C.L. was Exile and B-L
We bang jeeps to break beats
Blaze trees and females
You ain't me
It's the S-O, U-L pro-vide your mind
With a West Coast soul vibe
It's the S-O, U-L pro-vide your mind
With a West Coast soul vibe
Yeah the soul provider

4.Party of Two (修改)

feat. Aloe Blacc & Ginger Jackson
Produced By:Exile

Lay the text down, foundation
Check it out
Come on
Where you at Aloe
This is for the ladies
Come on

[Verse 1: Blu]
Listen, yo
Ayo what up though, I never fantasizes to the upmost
So you can feel the vibes when we touch close
You make me wanna rush yo beautiful mixed ass and crush yo
Appendix when I'm wishin' I'm in it I just get stuck, yo
Wishin' we could fuck slow over and over
Til you sick and tired of gettin' pleased and kissed on the shoulder
You the only chick that make me wanna go down constant
And I know it sounds dirty and your friends think it's nonsense
But listen it's the truth, wouldn't tell you if it wasn't
I know you get annoyed cause I be talkin' 'bout us fuckin'
But your body's so stunnin', fuck am I supposed to think
You got me sippin' Rican Rum and I ain't supposed to drink
You lookin' at me like I'm too young to handle you
When I got a tongue to eat you out like a cannibal
And never think I ain't hung love, my shit'll damage you
Young puts it down like an animal
So tell me what you

[Refrain: Aloe (and Blu)]
You make me want to, just spend my time with you
Just chill, just vibe with you
Just build, just ride with you
(And all my ladies say)
You make me want to, just get down with you
Just chill, just ride with you
Just build, be around with you

[Verse 2: Blu]
You're so lovable
Body like a Goddess, my God it's beyond fuckable
Make me wanna eat you like a Lunchable
So tell me what you wanna do
Cause me havin' fun with you to me is just
Rubbin' and touchin', touchin' and fuckin' you
I love it when you're comin' through you got me fixin' shit up
I even tried to plush my room by puttin' little shit up
Like red lights and Barry White with Teddy in the mix
You ain't gotta get the frame, ma, I know you get the picture
With the eyes that hypnotize and thighs I like to work with
Type to say you're fat knowin' damn well you're perfect
I love it when you work it, lookin' at me twerkin'
Your waist tellin' me shit like you just can't wait
Now I can wait but it's hard to, especially when I'm hard boo
You don't make it easy, talkin' greasy when I call you
Got me feelin' awful, cause you know I'm all for you
Plus I love it when you call me just flows


5.Soul Amazin' (Steelin') [Remix] (提供)

6.Maintain (修改)

feat. Co$$ (Cashus King), Donel Smokes & Jontel
Produced By:Exile

[Verse 1:Blu]
I'm trying to find a way up out of this; living at home
Trying to find out who my father is, sitting alone
Bumpin' Common Sense blown
Not off the chronic, but off the knowledge in his dome
Still astonished - But I gotta move on
See my mother thinks my problem is I really ain't accomplish shit
21 without a car, scarred, without a scholarship
And some days I don't eat, all I got is pocket lint
I walk around with cold feet and I'm thinner than my wallet is
But she don't realize, her son is five times dominant
Than most niggas she's honoring, but she don't see the prominence
Probably fuck around and change the world like Bob Marley did
My talent's apparent, but its fatherless of how she don't acknowledge it
I hate running away from my problems without solving it proper
I don't wanna be a doctor
I just wanna be the father that my father never bothered to be
My son ain't never have to follow the streets
His role model is me

[Hook: Jontel]
Life can get you down some time
We keep movin' on
Just keep your head up high
All things change with time
You-- You gon' be alright
Never give up your dream
Maintain your fight

[Verse 2: Donel Smokes]
Up early in the morning, still yawnin'
Mama wakin' me up
If not church it was school, which I didn't give a fuck about neither
A non-believer you can call me whatever
Doin' dumb shit like ditchin' class
I knew nothin' better
Instead of treatin' myself I was cheatin' myself
Trying to be different when I should have tried being myself
It would have helped if Gramps Sr. was around
Left Mama trying to tell me that the gunshots was thunder
I was hearin' trying to sleep over Little Bo Peep
A strong woman kept seein' tears fallin' from her cheeks
On my sheets - Was he strong was he weak? I don't know...
But it takes something great to leave a family of four
Sometimes it makes no sense at all
Even though we made it over where you fumbled
Mama picked up the ball and scored
Lord help the man wherever he is
And give me the strength so I won't do the same to my kids
That's real


[Verse 3: Co$$]
I gotta get up outta here
I'm a prisoner of pain
I'm a captain to a mind like it's driven insane
It's like I'm livin' for the minute let this livin's explained
I gotta know - If after living will our spirit remain?
Why we hugged up on the block and raise our kids in a gang?
And why once, we live once, we never livin' again?
Why my pops shot up ..... and what it did to his veins?
Was them needles from a victim that was inflicted with A.I.D.S?
Is this the reason that he got it?
You know why I suppose, I don't know -
Did I know it's like a knife in my soul
It's real talk, I ain't sure about the life that's beyond
And I ain't understand why people we fightin' them wars
Ourselves - God help us we ain't right in the head
And I be dreamin' 'bout my problems every night in the bed
I be thinkin' 'bout my past and shit a nigga feelin' passionate
The same time raised by the past - I can't get past this shit
And lookin' back on it - There ain't nothin' to say
I'm too wrapped up in the pain I feel this numbin' embrace
I get a flash of them streets and what they done to my face
And when he beat me to my knees he had a gun at his waist
But the beatin' that I took it wasn't nothin' to take
Trust me, he had have killed me if he done it today
I ain't never been no coward, so fuck that runnin' away
You only catch a nigga runnin' if there's something to chase
It's young Co$$