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【 Below the Heavens: In Hell Happy With Your New Imaginary Friend 】【 英文 】【 2007 】

1.My World Is..
2.The Narrow Path
3.So(ul) Amazin' (Steel Blazin')
4.Juicen' Dranks
5.In Remembrance of Me
6.Blu Colla Workers
7.Dancing In the Rain
8.First Things First
9.No Greater Love
10.Show Me the Good Life
11.Simply Amazin'
12.Cold Hearted
13.The World Is (Below the Heavens..)
14.You Are Now In The Clouds With (The Koochie Monstas)
15.I Am Blu

1.My World Is.. (修改)

Produced By:Exile

[Verse 1:Blu]
Yeah, you know my name rings a bell
Or should I say rocks 'em. I'm shell toe rockin
Females I don't got 'em but get em with no problem
And I don't pack stadiums yet, I still rock em
And they still spell my name fucked up on their flyers
It's B-L-U, and if you see the E, drop 'em
It's like they dropped E from the beats E's dropping
Got your peeps eavesdropping and the world keeps watching him
(Huh c ya'll)
I see 'em checking out the scenery, they seem to be jocking him
Chicks scream his name out from the bleachers like they proud of him (BLUUU)
A product of a God-fearing pastor who was quick to whip my ass but his whoppings wasn't hot enough
So I flow conscious but still rep the Koochie Monstas
And still crush the competition no kid is hotter than (BLUUU)
Your momma's kitchen, beg your pardon darling listen
I'm a nigga on a mission and these bitches ain't stopping him

Blu (Stop jocking him)
Blu, My world is Blu

[Verse 2: Blu]
So you can ride if you want nigga
I skipped class in school a few times but I ain't dumb nigga
Pitched grass too a few times but I don't pump nigga
Never was the fastest in class but if you put me on the track
I was guaranteed to run niggas
Like back when I was a young spitter
Bitches used to ask me kick a flow to em
Next thing you know I'm stroking em
But I was into older ones kind of like my teachers
On the first day of school I would say it's nice to meet ya I'm...

Blu, (But you can call me)
Blu, (I ain't stopping till)
My world is Blu

[Verse 3: Blu]
And my mission's just beginning call it Genesis
I'm God's eye messenger but the devil's nemesis, It's no better predicament
I'm straightenin' out the facts cause you twisting it
Nigga this a Bridgetown crown rocker not a fake affiliate
I been in many cliques but this is where soldiers are bred
And many members fell off cause they didn't know the ledge cause
They heads got gassed up, they still ain't got no drive
I'ma ride till I crash and I still ain't got a ride
I move slow cause bro I got a lot on my mind
That's why I'm quick to get to pieces when I'm jotting my lines
Still grinding at the drop of a dime
Trying to rob the world for every cent cause shit I owe a lot to my moms
And I ain't stopping till I change it for my 5 little sisters
Cause the view from their window consist of strippers and hookers
And all my brothers see is the pushers, hustlers and killers
So I walk down blocks as if the sun had called me nigga
Mad at the world
But Nas told me it was mine right before Halftime
But it's 4th quarter and we just getting it
Lying for the benefits
I told you If I wrote I'm sticking with every cent of it
Cause if it goes down I'ma be sinking with my penmanship...just like a captain
And you can only imagine how much passion that I put in this
But some magazines try to rate me on how good it is
Please fuck a critic nigga this is my life; if you ain't put in it
Don't think I need your two cents now like you been pushing it
Cause opinions are assholes; They full of shit
And everybody's got one, if not they trying to cop one
I'm balancing my options...
I can be hustling on the block or moving rocks like It's under construction
Or really busting for change cause I want to come out of these boots
Like I'm superman here to save the day
And hear the crowd screaming my name
Like, 'look up on the stage it's a bird, it's a plane'
No nigga that's, Bluuuuu

2.The Narrow Path (修改)

Produced By:Exile

Tryna tell my folks that flowing ain't easy

[Verse 1: Blu]
Picture me sitting in front of eighty-eight keys trying to escape
From a shady place where babies blaze trees on a daily day
Tryna get they gravy straight to floss cause told me homey watch it
These ladies play dirty games with you get to grinding
Where niggas pitch as quick as Nolan Ryan
Holding iron, blowing smoke, elope in fire, flame spitting
The game is just a way to escape
And our pain is just a way we can relate to folks crying
Finding ways I can make a difference
But fuck wishing on a star
Cause the percentage of getting what you envisioned is small
And the stars barely shine in the city, so we're blinded
By the man-made bright lights, making my eyes shifty
Feel me out, hear me now, crying childs of the ghetto
Letting go a beautiful sound, it's kinda falsetto
Hello hell, welcome to L.A. where devils that dwell play
They meddle with metal and letting every shell spray
Until day dawns, I make songs for the long road travelers
And lost souls after us
Spitting lyrics vicious like I'm mad as fuck
Packing up my bags, hopping back on the narrow path that's planned for us

Tryna tell my folks that flowing ain't easy
Travelling down this yellow brick road until it frees me
I need a pen, I need a pad, I need a place to go
To get this shit lifted off a my soul

[Verse 2: Blu]
In this world that I'm living in
I've given into sex, stress, and dividends
Los Angeles, metropolis, city of vexed citizens
Folks that smoke infinite dope for hope living in
Poverty is probably the less stressed position to go
So we don't have positions to hold
So we pitch snow and live in the cold in hell
Inhaling, feeling heaven is close
But like roadkill I'm still on this road
Bold as any soilder playing his role
I stroll the streets in the cold
Even in the summer heat it gets cold
So we stroll with the heat and it's cold
It's beeen a long troublesome road and im still traveling
Fuck battling, just managing life is challenging
Though I managed to make it
I damaged the places up in my mind
Like the times of Los Angles greatest
Wasting time and lifespans fucking around
I'm spitting deep shit stuck underground
So just dig it, or don't fuck with it
Cause you can't fuck with it


[Verse 3: Blu]
Check it and I'll be playing Escapism by Pete Rock
Hot, watching police plot knocks to get my peeps locked
Smiling as my teeth rot from eating sugar coated quotes
Smoking dope to float away, but hey
The air is nice up there
I swear the feeling's good as chilling with a nice cold beer
We fallen angels rocking halo's like it's priced up gear
And if you need me, just ring me, shit I'll be right up here
Where fear is non-existent
Instead of drifting in a prison, where my mind's restricted
Where my Mom is wishing trying to get her broken promise mended
I'm training to be a seamstress, sewing holes that dreams fit
Fiends bring broken clocks, tryna get their dreams fixed
Ticking, itching, tocking watching, God is watching you
But you rather have a watch with lots of diamonds I've been fooled
By the word a few times, who cares if Blu rhymes
About hoes or saving souls, they wanna hear that beat ride
I rewind and try to play back the days that they would play stacks
Of 8-tracks to recline, now we blaze sacks
Taking back the feeling hidden in me when we used to smile, remember that
It's been a while, so I'm blowing off the dust
Brushing dirt up off my nutts, got this feeling in my gut
Im tryna let it out so if you with me then listen up, listen
Listen up cause uh, I got this feeling in my gut
What the fuck


3.So(ul) Amazin' (Steel Blazin') (修改)

Produced By:Exile

So amazing
From the soul y'all

[Verse 1]
The soul provider
Gotta lot on the skillet
Grilling it hard-boiled
Charcoal filling
The dark villain and the light-skinned niggas disguised
My mind's sickening
Define vicious written in rhymes
Times tens-it
To describe how my line's ending
Your fine imprint
Described through your mind's index
My line chin-checks
And shine through your blinds, instant
The sun syndicate
Fat as Biggie with no Pun intended
No pun intended to live
I pick up where we slid and run illest
Til I buckle and become winded
And all the air from out my lungs slips into the sky like weed smoke
My peoples need hope
And I'm the one with it
The soul provider
Cold as fire, hot as ice
Rock the mic til I retire
Die the son of Christ
Becoming one with life
To live like death is uncertain
One curtain left and I'mma die with my gun bursting
Tongue cursing til I must become one with the Earth
Heaven and hell I conquer
Whichever comes first
Known to rebel
My soul a la mode
My soul a la mode
The soul provider

I'm a hit you with the words that'll make your soul vibe
It's so amazin' and still blazing
From the soul y'all
I'm a hit you with the words that'll make your soul vibe
Cause I know I got that soul

[Verse 2]
Sacred living
Sinning like you can't forgive him
Suspending time with my time spent rhyming about nonsense
Like saving religion
Drink sipping
Letting my mind spin
Thinking about my mom and pops
How they designed this nigga
Mix of Al Green and Pac
Rock the soul tracks
Rapping about surviving on the block
Black top, asphalt talk
Walking through the fire like a soul provida'
Poppa made a dope rhymer
I'ma ghetto nigga sipping liquor in pajamas
Not old enough to rock clubs but still do
Real soul provider
I gotta ill crew
And best believe they with me in the city like sex
Metropolitan connects
Plus the steel crew still do dirt
Baggy jeans and my ill blue shirt
Feeling fresh, yes
While Ex' queue the keys
I'mma ease through your soul
Like you're blowing trees
Best believe the soul provider


[Verse 3]
I flow krypton
Knock your Superman off his feet with his kicks on
Niggas keep my shit on repeat
And no matter which song I get on
I shit on beats
Pull out my dick and take a piss on trees
I'm raw dogging it, look
My rhyme lines flow sweeter than swine
So any mic that I find
I got the right to be hogging it
Talking shit, loud mouth
Wild out, starting it
Alcoholic slaughtering my vocab department
So pardon if my talking is slurred
Pants sagging, hands grabbing on my nuts
Clutch sparking my herb
Relaxed lingo, beef low
Ghetto as Black bingo
Redefine the the line of rap singles
The soul provida'
Hold the mic and open fire
Drop my nuts, I give a fuck about a pro hire
The new Pete and C.L. was Exile and B-L
We bang jeeps to break beats
Blaze trees and females
You ain't me
It's the S-O, U-L pro-vide your mind
With a West Coast soul vibe
It's the S-O, U-L pro-vide your mind
With a West Coast soul vibe
Yeah the soul provider

4.Juicen' Dranks (修改)

feat. Ta'Raach
Produced By:Exile

[Verse 1:Ta'Raach]
Allow the flow to blow the steam, hostile
Whenever I spit, you just swallow like it's part of the seam
Offin' the green like, Tiger-Tiger Wood, just tryna lean
You might have tried if you could but it might have [?]
You like a bitch fall why the bling
Saying how that shit go, my cock in this king
Niggas tryna get this cold, [?]their rings
It's like my face [??]wrist [?]
But them lines to tight they slit throats at shows
Hit your lights at midnight
I beat you with a kick and a snare, fuck a fist fight
We light it up in the air while you twist mics
11 steps to Heaven's in here, get your bitch right

[Hook: Ta'Raach]
Put your juicen dranks up
A toast to the most and bank us
I sold [?]pretty toes with anklets
Mad cuz' you ain't us, here put some light in your life

[Verse 2: Blu]
It's like he ain't ignited it right
He ain't the rioting type
So tell him to silences his pipes
Before we invite him to fight
Cuz' I'll arrive in the height of the night
Spitting that spice that'll widen your wife
And have her asking you 'Why don't we fight?
So I can leave and be with Blu, cuz' he sliding me right'
See I done put the fear of God up inside of her twice
So ain't nothin' you could tell her that is wiser, aight?
My shit is dynamite, I'll probably die on the mic
You out dining the mic
Just lyin' life
So I'mma lie in your light
Take the lime from your life
And shine bright as a diamond with dimes dying as dykes
Tryna find that feeling I give her night after night
You left out, now I'm righter than right
And every rhyme that I write is like you writing a rhyme
Feeling my lines like life
Rising as high as my high without lighting the lah
So I'm like


[?], kiss of death, don't get it confused
I'm a marksman on the ricochet
Flow [?]to fools
Dudes tussling with cigarettes
And hoes fight the blues
While I go and get these bigger checks then [?]you lose
[??]and did his best to lose
When the rules say a minute left, I'll put you in the dark
I brought shadow for them nigga steps, give 'em best regards
Charged it to the game 'til they put a hold on his card
Crash knuckles, back up or catch a uppercut or two
Got knocked but got right back up to bust a few
High shot, moms and pops broke up, so fuck rules
Getting laid plus paid doing what I wanna do
True rebel, see the cause? I'm effect
Any songs I'mma bless
Any squads I'mma wreck
Any broad I'mma catch
Any y'all wanna catch up? 'Fess up
Blu got fools in Detroit throwing the rest up like


5.In Remembrance of Me (修改)

Produced By:Exile

[Verse 1:Blu]
It seems like yesterday we was chasing an ice cream truck
Now we hoping that our ice bling plush
Which is kinda crazy right
One minute you're a baby and the next
Your sexin' without protection
And now you're holdin' a baby like
Damn, I was just in your shoes
Now your the papa that's adjustin' they shoes
Teach them to walk straight
Cause honestly they got a long way to go
And what you tell 'em now is all that they know
See I remember when My folks said you'll know what I mean...
When you get older, I was only a teen
Thinking that I was a grown up, please, I had so much to see
Thinking the little that I saw was all the world had to offer to me
At 18 I headed off into the streets without guidance
Just the eyes of God watching over me it's time
I spent hours working 9 to 5's to survive
Me and Jack up in the shack started hustlin' sacks
Just to eat chips and soda
Thinking we finna blow up, once this demo gets done
We gon be streched out rich, riding limos and such
Boy I was just a dreamer
Rocking shows like we went gold, you shoulda seen us
We was full of youth, not yet abused by time
Its like I saw the whole world through my rhymes
Its kinda crazy right?

(How time flies)

Twenty-two years ago to keep it on track
No time, time, time, time, time for looking back
Twenty-two years ago to keep it on track
Fuck it black no time, time, time, time, time for looking back
But only you saw what took too many time to see
(Blu talking in the background)

[Verse 2: Blu]
This reminds me of junior high, when you and I first met
'96 was a year that I could never forget
Sunset summer school dance kisses chicken heads
Spreadin rumors, 'Blu's cheatin' on Shameka with Anika'
We was bad, ditching class
Grass had us all gassed
I never smoked, played ball thought it would make me choke
By the way we lost the championship game by one
Slow fucker hit a 3 at the buzzer
My heart sunk I started crying, I was tryna be a pro baller
My first fuck was that year and still I don't call her
My own father brought me to her house that weekend
He was cheating so I lost my big V while he was beatin
In the other room, not yet abused by time
I saw the whole world through that girl's eyes
Its kinda crazy though

(How time flies)

[Verse 3: Blu]
How it flies....
My grandpa died the same year
My mom thought that I was too young to make this song
Because I'm only 22, but John Barnes has a long path behind him
I'm walkin in the shoes of a giant
And I was a fan of Jordan way before I knew Bryant
Lost my great grey suit but I was through crying
So I hear tears behind my suit and tie and
Now you can find it through my rhyming
Cause my timing has come
And you gon know my whole story by the time I get done
Rising like the shining sun
Reminding you how we came
We rich now but used to be slaves
We pushing whips now we used to be whipped
Rockin chains when we used to be in 'em
Still complaining that we victims of the system
Shit is twisted but shit
We came a long ass way
Yet it just feels like one long day
Shit amazes me....

(How time flies)


6.Blu Colla Workers (修改)

[Produced By Exile]

Please don't take it personal
But I gotta go and work some more
And I know deep down it hurt ya soul
But I'm a blue collar worker, girl(2x)

[Verse 1: Blu]
Now it's a long road ahead of me
Eyes wide open trying to rock my flow steadily
Trying to stay focused so these broads don't get to me
But dog it gets hard cuz they sing so heavenly
Humming 'Stay With Me' trying to make my day as sweet
As some Tiombe on a sunday, with a cup of Angel's tea
I'm trying to find the happiness that couples claim to be
But it's hard to balance loving when you busting over beats
Sounds strange but it's hard to explain it over beats
In the lab daily rocking two or three shows a week
Going mad crazy stressing over press and your release
Trying to please labels while you keep your rep up in the streets
At the same time trying to breath
And on my down time, trying to find a fine breeze
But see I'm underground so now I gotta find cheese
Just to take her out to dinner, just to eat and get a kiss up on the cheek
But for me it's even harder, cuz I ain't got a car to pick them up in
So chicks already think they put enough in
Plus I'm kind of cute so it's hard for them to trust him
Asking what I'm doing every night like I be screwing every night, what?
Truth is, I'm bruising every mic that I come across
And every now and then, drop a hundred off
Just so you can fucking floss, but that's not enough for you
So I take another loss, wondering why I fucked with you
Knowing I got stuff to do


[Verse 2: Blu]
They say misery loves company...word?
But I don't need shit, so don't come to me
And I don't eat dick, so don't cum to me
When you see me in a fucking beamer leaning tuff as fiends with winter fever
Ya nose itching, hoes wishing he was a keeper
Fucked up girl, he was a keeper
Fuck the papers, shit, he was the reefer
Now he's meaner than meaner
Was sweet now he keeps his heart next to his nina
And you used to see him, saving up his money from shows
To get her a rose, turning down ridiculous hoes
All he wanted was a chick with his back, but his chippers was wac
Now he adding on the royce when he rolls
Sounds smoother with his voice when he flows, missed out
Keep woofing all you want girl, I'm in a brick house
With a thick spouse, pimped out, blue diamond dripped out
In my helicopter luv, fuck ya little benz, bounce
Fuck you think I work for huh?


7.Dancing In the Rain (修改)

Produced By:Exile

[Verse 1]
Look it's six o'clock I'm hopping outta the be
Rain falling calling X but my phone line's dead
I guess my bills ain't paid
No ride to work for the day
Second option, hop the bus but there's a traffic delay
My boss is tripping cause I'm running late and ain't no excuse
When I'm bout to be twenty-two without a whip I could swoop
Feel like I'm finna shoot my own dome with chrome to escape
Zoning out cause working working out ain't worth what I make
My lady calling bugging always fussing just because we ain't balling
But it's hard cause her cousins fuckin rich, cause her husband's hustling
And I ain't fucking touching nothing but a mic
Five o'clock and off work ready to go home and write
But I ain't got a buck to catch the bus chilling at the stop
Rain falling hard as ever and it's soaking my socks
Fuck it
Kick my kicks off and took off my jacket
Roll my jeans up beat up and my headphones blasting
Blazed some weed up and started laughing
While I'm splashing in puddles like
Muthafuck a struggle we dancing in the rain

Don't nobody wanna dance slow in the rain
Just move your ass, just move your ass
Don't nobody wanna liberate the weight of the pain
Just move your ass, just move your ass

[Verse 2]
Sometimes I hate taking trips to the lab
Got my pen and pad booking instrumentals in smash
Catch the bus regardless
Trying hard to be an artist
But my A&R be calling me out my zone into his office
Being cautious cause he don't want my record to brick
Asking me how he think my projects progressing and shit
I said cool, but the truth is that I'm stressing to grip
Cause it's hard to make music when this depression exists
They say use it as inspiration & the best of 'em did
Well that's them, see that I can't handle this pressure for shit
And if you ask me stress is a bitich
My girl needs more attention and my record label's desperate for hits
Now I'm pissed cause I'm getting out the zone again
Makes me start to dread when I see a microphone and shit
It ain't supposed to be like that
I said ill be right back
I left the office got a phone and called my partner Jac
And I asked him 'remind me why I'm rappin'
And right before he answered I remembered my passion in the past
When I was scribbling in my tablet
To box out my mom and dad scrappin
To help me when my granmother passed
Plus the many times I was homeless
And the times when I was broke
And the music made a way when I was hopless
He told me to remember the rain it'll diminish the pain
And he told me not to ask him again cause I know

[Hook x2]
Don't nobody wanna liberate the weight of the pain
Just move your ass, just move your ass
Don't nobody wanna
Don't nobody wanna
Don't nobody wanna
Dance - slow - in the - rain

8.First Things First (修改)

Produced By:Exile

First things first
Ain't tryna game you up so girl I'll be straight
First things first
Don't want to mess it up before it's too late
First things first
My name is... and you are?
I'd like to get to know you if it's okay

Ayo, tell me what I'm s'posed to do
Ayo, tell me what I'm s'posed to do
First things first
You gotta tell me what I'm s'posed to do
Let me know just what I'm s'posed to do
First things first
My name is... and you are?
I'd like to get to know you if it's okay

[Verse 1: Blu]
See it's so many ways I can approach you
I can either start off like, ''scuse me miss', but shit that's too old school
And I can flow to you but that's too cliche
Plus I don't bust to bust nuts, I bust over beat breaks
I could be honest with you and tell you I'm a cheapskate
But, you probably seen me sharing drinks with my deejay
So, fronting like I got chips is out the question
And acting like my Benz is in the shop is outdated
And I ain't into playing games
Plus I already hate them fake ballers that be always dropping names
And yeah I'm in the game but if I say I rap
You'll be looking for my range, gold chains and my strap
And I can act conscious, but if we talk politics
You'll notice that I'm out of the loop, cuz I don't follow it
I rock fitted caps, kufis ain't for Blu, see
I eat red meat cuz tofu don't move me
And women are confusing, but that's for later on
And the only way to tell you is to say it in a song
Like darling you a doll, don't confuse it with sexual
But don't think, I don't think of having sex with you
I'm trying to get next to you, but you being rude
In the club with ya guns out, shooting down fools
She shot down one, and shot down two
Now tell me what the fuck am I suppose to do

[Hook: Miguel]

[Verse 2: Blu]
Now, don't get it twisted broke niggas need love too
And underground rappers like to chill at the club too
I wanna get buzzed, get drunk and get crunk
Get a chick to kick it with when I'm feeling fucked up but
Women be mentioning ya' whips and your chains
So I flip it like slaves come with whips and chains, we gotta liberate
But before I could mention my name
They be talking to the nigga with the keys to the Range
And I can't even compete with these ballers trying to get at you
Cuz I ain't even got enough cheese to try to match dude
Nor do I got a flat to bring you back to
But, I can roll up a blunt and try to relax you
Probably make you laugh when you mad in a bad mood
And ask a few questions 'bout caressing your statue
Cuz no, I ain't got corn rows or hood tattoos
But, I can fuck up any track that I rap too
I, know it's irrelevant, but rap is my profession
And just cause I'm a gentleman, don't mean I'm into settling
I spend most my time on the grind, but I ain't peddling rocks
Or trying to sign to the Roc, I'm trying to meddle in my own business
So tell your girls mind they own business
And I would give you my digits but see my phone isn't Accepting calls 'til the bills get paid
Now you say you want the real, but it's the real I'm saying. So what the deal?

[Hook and Outro]

9.No Greater Love (修改)

Produced By:Exile

There is no greater love
Yeah na, cause on the real y'all there is no greater love
People try all the time trying to break us up
We keep it high up in the sky ya gotta take it up
Then what I feel for you
Take it up take it up take it up

[Verse 1]
Fucking up my mental when I think about you
In my room plotting how to start reaching out to you
Cause at first the situation had me deep in doubt
But the beauty evened out the beast and I can't be without
Your love
It's by far the most dangerous subject to touch
Yet we actin' like its lust, yeah right
Will lust have you up at 5 writing a text
Trying to get a thought up off of your chest
And her all on your chest gotta work so you calling to rest
For a second then you call her for sex
And she there in a second and her parents are stressing
Cause she missed a whole semester fucking round with this peasant
Named Blu and Juliet is you the two connected as one
Fun is endless getting drunk and fucking bitches is through
Sun back with the moon to balance out how we shines on the planet
And you try to understand it but you can't cause


[Verse 2]
Fucking up my mental when I think about you
Cause the truth is I know I couldn't leave without you on my side
At the time I was feinding at her beautys
Been thinking bout the beast and she can't be without -your love
Plus all the drama thats included with it
Ya heard the song and still rush like the foolish in it
Stuck like a clueless in love with every movement she makes
Even that ugly shit she do with her face
When she fussing with ya but you love it so you fuckin with her
And she knows it she just wants to make you fucking kiss and make up
You throwing out her blush stick and make up
And she don't need it anyway silk skin pretty face
Horny as a devil with her little bitchy ways
But she all natural cause I don't like my titty's fake
And her attitude bitchy but hey what can I say
I love it when I tell a chick to chill and give me space and she can't cause


[Verse 3]
Fucking up my mental when I think about you
And all the little shit we used to speak about
Like having kids getting married trying to lease a house
So we can buy one up so we can find one
With a little room for Azulito when the time comes
Plus a studio for all my people trying to find some
Into inspiration like the way my girl is tired
But I'll still have a meal waitin' for me when my rhymes done
What a feeling when you're life's done building
And you chilling in your house with a wife a few children
Feeling like you struck a million looking at your kids like shit
This is my son this nigga came from my nuts
Same feeling when you first heard times up
Same feeling when I first heard Com' bust
I used to love her but I found other kinds of
So I left her like I really really tried but I can't cause


Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman
The Invisible Man and Hercules don't scare me
The FBI, Anti-American Committee, J. Edgar Hoover, President Nixon
President Johnson, Martha Mitchell
And her husband or her man or her woman Ethel
Kennedy, all the Kennedys
Bank of America, Chase Manhattan Rockefeller
None of these people scare me
What scares me is that one day my son will ask me
What did you do Daddy when the shit was goin' down
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Blu brings us a track about the joy of being in a relationship with a woman off the album “Below the Heavens”.
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10.Show Me the Good Life (修改)

feat. Aloe Blacc & Joseph
Produced By:Exile

Yeah, [laughs]this is the story
Of wealth, cash, whips, chips, bitches and blunts
Must be the good life right?
Check this yo...

[Verse 1: Blu]
I got a call from my girl last week
She telling me about that time of the month and how it may not come
Dropped the phone right before she said I might have a son
And I started asking God how come
I got dreams I ain't reached yet – ends that ain't meet yet
When it comes to being a man, shit I'm barely getting my feet wet
Trying to hit reset knee deep in debt
Trying to figure how to feed a mouth that ain't got teeth yet
How the hell am I gonna show a child to be a man
When I'm twenty-two without a clue on how to take a stand
Against this system when it's just us, wanna show him justice
But last year I was just in cuffs
What the fuck am I supposed to do when he's telling me 'Dad I need some food?'
I'm looking down at my stomach and mine is grumbling too
What can I tell him when he's twenty-two
And he's asking me what the fuck I was thinking when mommy's tummy grew?
Was I scared, was I getting prepared?
Or did I even think of leaving her without a father's care?
Should I tell him that it's hell here and life ain't fair?
Or should I try to make a change when he's pulling on my leg?
(Show me) and he keeps on telling me to

[Hook: Aloe Blacc & Joseph]
Show me
(Show me the good life)
Show me
(Show me the good)

[Verse 2: Aloe Blacc]
Won't somebody show me there's a few things my poppa never told me
Maybe cause the stone still rolling, no moss yet
It's a few things my momma never told me to mold me
But her soul is so golden the way she floss it
And I ain't mad at their secrets though
It's a hard sell to tell a young child about your deepest low
But I done seen through they weakness so
I understand a little bit on how the defeat can slow
You so, far down that you meekness grow
And everyday gets colder when the breezes blow
Grand momma sat me down and said, 'you need to know
Boy you a little light in this world, let your heat just glow
Have patience some things take time
And ain't no limit to the goals that you could hold in your mind'
Lift the soul when you crying 'till you reach the gates of heaven
Like your chariot is carrying children who going blind
And you going to get their sight back, when all they see is night black
Believe in everything that you doing and just like that
Things will happen for you, keep shining them rays
It's bright enough to spread grace over a million graves
Over a million slaves to bring honor to the elders
Who held us away from danger when the danger would have killed us
They never failed us but they souls have peace
And follow in their steps, you got brothers to keep
In this good life

[Hook: Aloe Blacc & Joseph]

[Verse 3: Blu]
Check it out, it's so much I can show you
Without rolling through Beverly Hills
Without money, cars, clothes, or even ecstasy pills
I don't need weed to ease me when I'm stressing for real
I just close my eyes and try to think how heaven feels
Just to feel good again, even though I know when I open them
It's back to the hood again, where kids hold chrome with them
Just to feel protected, cause the videos are showing them
How to shoot fools and take their dough from them
That's why I try to give my soul to them in lyrics I spit
They rejected cause they stressing for material shit
They're getting sick and tired of fighting over serial gifts
Cause they notice bitches go head over heels for the whips
And the chains, and the chips, and the range and the clips
In the guns and the women and the fun living in cribs in the burbs
Fuck the slums, they want funds and they heard flippin' birds is
The ticket and they get it and run with it
Some slip and fall, others pause see the outcome and crawl
On the road for some change, cause the game is too hard
To play straight by the rules
I'm trying to stay out the news
And make cake to buy food
Fuck jewels I think my soul glows bright enough
And fuck whips I learn more when I ride the bus
And fuck gold it's bad enough that we fight for bucks
And fuck hoes cause in the end I need a wife to love
Plus heaven is the life for us so God...

[Hook: Aloe Blacc & Joseph]

11.Simply Amazin' (修改)

(To all you talkin' all that bullshit)
(Imma put it to you like this)

[Verse 1:Blu]
Ey yo I'm tryn'a make these niggas go bonkers
From London to the youngest in Yonkers
We So-Cal residential lyrical monsters
Gettin' women's attention like I'm rippin' a concert
So put your hands high 'til your arms hurt
I walk the earth just like God works in mysterious ways
Your spirits is swayed
Every time my lyrics is played
So please stop givin' these lyricists praise
Cause they bluffin' while they bustin' with a serious face
And it's unbearable
These stereo-rap tracks are terrible
I'm here to take care of you wack cats
And bury you back at
Wherever you came from
I'm carryin' this game on my back 'til the pain's numb
And I be bustin' on fucks 'til I can't cum no longer
Losses, you gotta take some to grow stronger
I've conquered all you haters
Like a strong-armed dominator
Big dick condom breaker bit a' baby-mama maker
And ain't no time to take break
You gotta break the mold
I'm from a place where cats are born to play the gansta roles
Like hittin' switches I was gettin' hit with switches
Until I switched positions
Now I'm playin' when the game is on
Y'all think y'all bangin' but y'all ain't as strong
My pop a thug
I'm a son of a blood with blue Gators on
The record spinnin' his favorite songs
Now he's bangin' my shit on them same tables that he played 'em on nigga

(sing along with it, if you didn't hear it, you gonna hear it right now)

[Verse 2: Blu]
Cause yo hip hop
It started out in the heart
A young nigga from the park sharp-shootin' with darts
Harpoonin' cartoonists talkin' too much talk
But walk a whole different stroll homeboy
You get sparked by the guy right here?
I make y'all niggas see the light like a bright idea
Heard you was lookin' for my weapon but my tongue's right here
So you can act like a fool
But y'all be done by noon off a' one light beer
So yeah fuck my crew
But let's get one thing clear
Y'all can't keep up with us because your lungs ain't clear
Y'all need a million-dollar budget and some punch lines here
All your boy need is one right ear
And I could probably change the world
Fuck you sold-soul rappers
After diamonds and pearls
Like you homo-rappers
Y'all some go-go girls
With your go-go gadgets
Exposin' what you holdin' like your soul don't matter
I got a 'go-go get it' mentality
So battle me please
I just throw out some cheese and y'all'll go-go at it
Got you reachin' for your 4-4 'matic
While I stagger motherfuckers with darts
I got my mojo mastered
The game is full of 'homo's backwards:
Mo' ho's than rappers
No flows but keep shows packed'er than us?
Fuck that we goin' platinum plus
And still ridin' on the back of the bus
Cause the bucks don't matter

(turn it up, stop frontin', come on, turn it up)

[Verse 3: Blu]
And from the start of this shit
I took a vow to never part with this shit
I put my soul and all my heart in this shit
But in return I got burned like these rappers had my arteries lit
So now I'm spittin' fire darts when I'm pissed
And you don't wanna see me angry cause I can't be calmed
It's like you tryn'a take custody of my sound?
I'm the baby's mom
I been to court for this wack shit before
And had to file divorce you biters'd start payin' style-support
A child that don't smile no more
I found the short cut in life
But I'd rather take my time out the door
Fuck a knife I'm pullin' texts out for war
Cause I ain't good at cutting
Fuck y'all 's what Exile's for
See I'm the MC and he's the DJ
Manipulate the MP to translate what he say
Catch me on the freeway
1-10 south 'til it ends at Bridgetown, USA
So roll with us where the gorillas hang
Where the cold killas live
Where the gold diggas dig
Where you know niggas bang
Cause the walls show the gangs when you pass 'em
Where niggas stay blown like tires
And these haters wanna slash 'em
Platinum chains? Trained'a snatch 'em
You flashin' in the Range?
You waitin' for accident to happen on purpose
Cadillac verses
Sun-roofed diamond-back rap
That's the verdict nigga

(always amazing)

12.Cold Hearted (修改)

feat. Miguel
Produced By:Exile

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[Hook: Miguel]
Life Is Cold
Cold Is Pain
Pain Is Growth
And every seed that grows, sees the rain
And the rain gon' come it ain't nothing new
But when its done the sun shining through

[Verse: Blu]
I was cold hearted and young, a dumb kid with a gun
Cuz fun days don't last, the last nigga to laugh
So rap fell on my tongue, numb feelings remain
And pain comes and it goes
But my wounds shows the room where my pops beat my moms
Moms screamin' for help, myself hot as the sun
Cold hearted and young, a dumb kid with a gun
That I got from my pops top drawer
When he left my momma twice in a week
My momma lifeless and weak, spendin' her nights in the sheets
With seed killer number (one)
Seed killer number (two)
Seed killer number (three)
Got heat from the newborns scorned brother
Blu black hearted and young
Raps fell off his tongue
Numb feelings remain
The pain comes and it goes
But my wounds show the tomb that now shelters my boy
My boy needed my help, myself not in the game
The game heartless and young
Dumb niggas with guns cause fun days don't last
The last nigga to blast got shots all in his back
Wrath fell on his soul but in my soul he remains
Pain comes and it goes
But my wounds show the moon shining off of his blood
His blood ran through his moms
His moms ran outside
5 niggas with guns
Seed killer number (one)
Seed killer number (two)
Seed killer number (three)
Pulled the heat and he was through
Threw dirt on his casket his mom wore a mask and
Still couldn't hide tears years pass her son
Numb feelings remain
Pain comes and it goes
But my wounds show the groom that still married my mom
My mom still had a son
Dumb kid with a gun, that I got from my pops
Top drawer when he left
My momma fightin' for years
My momma fightin' her tears
Now she gotta explain the game of her life to her son
But the sun still shines
Nine children and a newborn scorn brother two
Blu, life isn't young
Dumb kid with a tongue, that I got from Hip Hop
But she left me for you, so I'mma give her to you
Cold hearted and young


13.The World Is (Below the Heavens..) (修改)

Produced By:Exile

[Verse 1]
I'm tryna get to this place that my grandpa told me bout as a child
Told me only few can make it and the faithless ain't allowed
Be a Star out your Gang and aim above the clouds
And if you miss, you'll at least be amongst your own crowd
I smiled cause now I see what he meant
I see it in the eyes of mothers when they uncover their sins and repent
Gettin closer to Jehovah on their old knees bent
Praying our mindframes switch and these times change quick
But I hate to say it brother
The youth is too stubborn, to stuck on them selves to ever think about others
They must uncover the scales on their eyes called lies
Leading the deaf, dumb, and blind to a place my mom told me bout
Where their sins get cleansed, cause they bathe in flames
And the only route out is to shout out His name
I was trained to be a soldier for God
But as soon as I used my own thoughts
I kinda got lost in this smog called reality
Where hell is a fallacy
And Heaven is a fantasy created by man, so don't believe in it
You came in here with nothing then your leaving with
Nothing so retreat from this world of deceitfulness
But my people it's time to rise
Realize there's a heaven whether you think it's inside or in the sky
Reach for it before it's gone eternally
And you stuck here below the heavens for eternity

[Hook x5]
Whose world is this?

[Verse 2]
Yo, somebody once told me that I'm already in hell
Freedom's a state of mind it's just a heart of me's in hell
I freed my slaved mind so a part of me's in hell
So even when it's hard to breathe a part of me inhales
So pardon me...
You gotta try hard to be yourself...
Cause you can't go to heaven being anybody else
I was raised by a reverend yet the lessons didn't help
Had to get em for myself
I was told hell is hot but had to feel it for myself
So I left home
As a young child smiling as I stepped on
Facing a world butt-naked without my weapon
I lost my smile and exchange put a vest on
Now that my premature stress is gone
I got problems to face as a man
I was told either you stand or you fall
Long as you know that when you walk you holding hands with a God
That alone can turn the dark
To a walk in the park
I only talk from my heart
So open yours when you're listening
Every man has his own heaven
The difference is the way that he envisions it, so
If you make your heaven pictureless
By the time you die you'll be drifting in an imageless field
So fill your heaven full of blessed thoughts
That's real
You could stress it or just let it walk
I got a question, if a man can make his own heaven
Then can he make his path to get to it too?
I only spit fluid truth
And I spit it for the listeners so I'm spittin to you
You say it's hell I say it's bullshit we're getting through
Just think about it every man has his own heaven
But shit, you gotta go through hell to be a man first
And understand first hell is what you choose to call the present
That's why you're going through it, I just choose to call it stressin
To tell you fools the truth
I don't feel that's what I'm destined
So you can call it hell but brah...
I can say I'm below the heavens

*the Woooo-oooooooorld* (x10)

Yea yea yea yea yea yea yea
(Miguel Jontel's vocals fade to next track 'You are now above the clouds')

14.You Are Now In The Clouds With (The Koochie Monstas) (提供)

15.I Am Blu (修改)

Produced By:Exile

[Verse 1:Blu]
Check it, (yeah), the truest of the colors
With 5 little sisters and like 6 younger brothers
I look like my mother, but I act like my pops did
Whatever he ain't teaching to me the block did
That same kid in grade school
Rocking hand-me down kicks and still remain blue
An arrogant fuck that never share with his lunch
But brave enough to sock anyone you dare me to punch now (I'm Blu)
From all the bruises I got
Cus' most time I lost fights to all the foos that I sock
And most dudes that I clock ended up working for law firms
And bitches I jock get teasing me till my balls turn (Blu)
Now my main goal is to prove to these
High school graduates, don't think you out schooling me
Cus' truthfully I'm sick of these fools thinking they fooling me
Wait until the day you feeling Blu and see (I am Blu)
All 200 and 52 months in me
Plus change there ain't no punk lane gettin' in front of me
To solo spittin', cocoa scented
Photogenic, low-low dippin'
Promo listening rap fan
Homo offended black man

Blu: What did you think of him?
Man: He use to make fun of me
Blu: Are you serious? What did he do?
Man: And I don't like him
Blu: Why don;t you like him, what did he do?
Man: He use to hurt my arm
Blu: Blu?
Man: Don't ever say his name, (no I'm sorry) I said I don't like him
Blu: I'm so sorry, what did he actually do? I don't get it
Man: He use to dress up like a ninja
Blu: Oh...God

[Verse 2: Blu]
All 21 one years of me, and no it ain't a sucker living that can strike fear in me
Cus' spiritually, I know Gods here with me
And physically I'm frail, I weigh about 160 on the scale
And I stand 6 feet and 4 inches
A light skin son of a pimp, with no bitches
A nigga with a vision to rise above the limits
I was given as a child tryna dwell amongst the clouds, and a
Skies I wish a could fly
Just to escape all of the hate and the pride that y'all affected with
The answers to your deficit
Alpha Omega Genesis
Exodus and Leviticus
Numbers and Deuteronomy
I'm hard as new Geometry
You simple as attraction, you cats in junior high to me
Mad tryna box with with me, honestly the man
And whether I'm in front of a jammed packed stadium or just 2 of my fans I am

[Verse 3: Blu]
I be the next generation of slaves here to make capes that the record labels rake
A mix-tapes great, yet a De La fan
And I am who I say I am (yes I'm blu)
An honestly I just started smoking
Cus' stress I get from labels these days got me tokin
Hopin' I could try to save the game before it's wasted
But I feel like choking rappers face till they face gets (blu)
For ruining the imagery invented
I remember niggas breakin' while the DJ was spinin'
And the women use to shake they ass like when they who-la-hoop
Now the only niggas at your venue is your crew and you
But I'm proof that truth can sell as well as sex
Don't get it twisted, I spit as well as I sex
But it took years of practice with wack chicks
Now I'll probably tell you what my name is when you ask it (Blu)
And I grew through the years shedding blood
Sweating tears, getting love and the respect of my peers
Blu whether you like it or not
Like the colour that my skin is fina be when my heart stops
Cus' I am (Blu)

[Verse 4: Blu & Exile]
What can I do for you back in this bitch
Not a dam thing
I keep my campaign popping like a champaign
Cus' im the president who ran game
All your mans (?), shout out to my man Dane
Heard you was duckin' when the champs came
You try to hide and stay dry from my camps rain
We bare flames on the amplifier mic tip
And throw some samples on some hype shit
On some Tribe shit
You on point Tip, all the time Phife shit
Addidas when the mics' lit, punching on some fight shit
But it's Kadice on some rice shit
On with the light switch, bomb and ignite shit
Pause let me right this song before my mic gets strung up on some life shit
I'm a on some death shit, wild wild west shit
Bushwacker stomp you on some WWF shit
Fucking up your press kit, don't get the press kid
Child on some cloud 9 next shit
Exile blessed it holy water spit Bitches Brew Blu hexed it
Bulletproof vested when they wile on some text shit
9 lives left so don't stress it
Spitting with my heart behind bars, cardiac arrest shit
Showin cats the exit
Come on take a rest kid, you don't want to test this
Number 2 pencil, no eraser for corrections
Exile's been selected, girlies get errections
Poppin out with knifes slicing wifey C-sections
I see sections of my life be corrected
But I always be Blu, Like I always be the (?)
Ask crew, guess who
Bless Blu
With another track to express truth
And and even Ex is tryna save less stress too
So bang my tape deck with my text bless you
I collect checks and move to get chips
And Blu never lose
I break rules to get (?)
I'm bangin in your coupe even after (??)
And give you a quick fix
So roll up and hit this
In the mouth with a big kiss
I hope she got big tits
But I don't have big dick
It's small like a (?)
(?) what time is it?
I feel so explicit
Oh tell me what is it
It's me on some Chapelle when I (?) I get rich bitch
But I'll always be broke though, so pay if you owe dough
I'm commin' out the booth for some nappy roots (?)
And classy folks don't know the shit that we go thorugh
Holler if you know blow
Hoes that walk broke bros
And bros that walk broke (?)
Tryna find a diamond mine, patching up old hopes
And why I'm so broke though
I (??) locals, sit in a loco motive, (?) my locals
They look at me loco, because I am loco
Insane in the graveyard, ditch diggin' a (?)
I'm crackin' like egg yokes, get it crackin' like egg yokes
Ey folks
Ex and Blu get the pesos
From rocking a stage show, from LA to Wako
From pack down for theaters, to low-rider trade shows
Plus when we blaze flows we makin' a (?) for me

(I write in red ink that turns to blue when the book closes)

16.(Silence) (提供)

17.Untitled (提供)