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1 1.RAW(backwards) angerous keep away! Mayday[Bridge: Ab-Soul] Raw backwards on all you rappers Raw backwards on all you rap
2 1.Overthrow Boys Noize-Mayday1.Overthrow I could break it down like this I could break it down like
3 9.Starchild(feat. poliÇa) Boys Noize-Mayday9.Starchild(feat. poliÇa)''calling out to mine you're a star child hear
4 11.Off when you hear their maydays Raised by the software hare-hare In advance- you will burn A system repairing
5 3.Exquisite Corpse nd the sky went red(Mayday! Atlanta's been lostJustin Bieber is dead) No! God damn another one down Colon

6 2.Favorite Secret ourself apart again Mayday razor razor blade Oh how my heart sinks Faster and faster as the clock spins Y
7 18.El Chapo rivate jet that's a mayday uh In South America on a vacay uh P on my snapback choppin' grade-a uh None of
8 13.Stand Up n the reggae it was mayday Started with a water gun until I got an AK Kids in the projects when we was by
9 2.1000 Miles miles Calling out a mayday Her story's getting jaded Nothing is what it used to be No longing for tomorro
10 1.Mayday! ider1.Mayday! Mayday!- Mayday! It is Monday morning- the same old crap again The days are grey and empty- I'm going insane Like a fly I'm tangled in a web ... Will it never end So help me mayday- mayday Get me out of here Sending a mayday- mayday I need to disappear I need some inspiration- get out of misery A change of scene and company High and lose I'm looking for sa ... Will it never end So help me mayday- mayday Get me out of
11 11.Mayday & 211.Mayday[Intro] This shit right here is like.. Heh This this shit right here is like the calm before the storm Like little kids pl ... ing am I wrong?[Hook] Hold on mayday Ab-Soul you driving them crazy Ah-ha! Fooled you No matter how heavy the situation we pull through Yeah yeah I do it for the ... rain So when I'm in the booth(Mayday!) Better yet I'm finna make it m
12 1.I'm from Long Beach 's spray day that's mayday Snoop do what he want to I will do and I won't do Slide up ride up fired up wh
13 1.One of Them Will Destroy the Other(feat. Dan Lambton) Mayday Parade-Black Lines1.One of Them Will Destroy the Other(feat. Dan Lambton)
14 2.Just out of Reach Mayday Parade-Black Lines2.Just out of Reach I'm fine The world can wait a li
15 3.Hollow Mayday Parade-Black Lines3.Hollow She's a cold-blooded killer Go and find who
16 4.Letting Go Mayday Parade-Black Lines4.Letting Go Glass tabletop for two Shatters across
17 5.Let's Be Honest Mayday Parade-Black Lines5.Let's Be Honest This is a warning I can feel it in
18 6.Keep in Mind Transmogrification Is a New Technology Mayday Parade-Black Lines6.Keep in Mind Transmogrification Is a New Technology
19 7.Narrow Mayday Parade-Black Lines7.Narrow What's this game that we pretend to play Al
20 8.Underneath the Tide Mayday Parade-Black Lines8.Underneath the Tide We went over the edge Took it

21 9.All on Me Mayday Parade-Black Lines9.All on Me I'm homesick I've got a lot on my mind I
22 10.Until You're Big Enough Mayday Parade-Black Lines10.Until You're Big Enough Troubled youth Got the bl
23 11.Look up and See Infinity Look Down and See Nothing Mayday Parade-Black Lines11.Look up and See Infinity Look Down and See Nothing
24 12.One of Us Mayday Parade-Black Lines12.One of Us I just gotta tell you one last thing Ho
25 4.The Plot Sickens captain's screaming'mayday' Is god's intent final decent or just a test of our faith?! This oxygen is wea
26 7.Forever Spacemen in space('Mayday mayday mayday mayday') Tell my friends that I won't make the papers A floating headline in space(' ... A floating headline in space('Mayday mayday mayday mayday') Oh I oh I am a tiny little dan
27 1.Don't Stop Now u gone be screaming mayday Trying to fuck overJoseph McVey girl Now I hope you get run over by a Metro bu
28 2.Signed Sealed Delivered d Sending out a mayday we're going down. The thing we could've done would've turned it round. Everyth
29 5.Atychiphobia br> feat. Bernz(of iMAYDAY!) Hemi& Wrekonize Supervisor Justin Padron[Verse1:Jarren Benton] I done risked my life f
30 4.Atychiphobia(feat.­Mayday!) .Atychiphobia(feat.­Mayday!)[Verse1:Jarren Benton] I done risked my life for this so fuck some Lame a
31 3.Mayday amed3.Mayday[Verse1] You are over there and I'm not in love But I don't wanna tell you We've been contemplating how to give it up But ... we have to leave too[Chorus] Mayday mayday This is an emergency Mayday mayday You've gotta let me leave I'm laying here inches away But you can't hear me call ... ay But you can't hear me call mayday[Verse2] Said I'm moving on cause things were getting rough But here I am in your bed I strung it on too long afrai
32 7.Red Alert ed Alert! Mayday! Mayday! Hurry! The Professor needs us!
33 9.Hummingbird Stance Screaming mayday mayday I'm out of ammo like melee Can y
34 12.March10th And A Third sion and scream out mayday with more intentions to change the traditions Stay more in spirit Wait for wha
35 1.6up5oh Copout(Pro Con) to you. Mayhem cry mayday and oncoming doom. Save your convictions they never will do. What you say's at
36 3.Be A G(Remix)(feat.JuicyJ and Doe B) ey acting Mayday action mayday action when we come through with
37 5.On The Bible(Feat. Zuse& T.I.) extension HK AK-47 Mayday man down call the reverend[Hook- Zuse:] I put that on the bible boy count your
38 17.Wake And Bake(feat. Krizz Kaliko&­Mayday! z Kaliko&­Mayday![Intro Gianni Ca$h] Uh-huh ok ... loppy But¡Mayday! packing pens got your friends a
39 20.Strangeulation Vol. II Cypher V(feat. MURS Wrekonize& Bernz) m yelling¡MAYDAY! in front of the judge and all th ... duration¡MAYDAY! Murs to make it hurt you're now
40 11.Flawless(Remix) delicious Mayday mayday earth to bitches Slap these hoes
41 11.P8tience as see Pai pay it's mayday AK SK HK put it in their face day Drop'em in the crate day leave'em by the lak
42 5.From DaJump Gunplay] Mayday mayday big old AK Big black guns anothe
43 2.Jettison ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage2.Jettison[Intro Wrekonize] Future Vintage From the Fut
44 3.Fuel To the Fire ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage3.Fuel To the Fire[Hook Wrekonize] My mind and my body
45 4.Can't Take It With You ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage4.Can't Take It With You[Hook Wrekonize] My mind and my

46 5.Won't Wait ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage5.Won't Wait[Verse1:Bernz](Yeah check it one time yeah)
47 6.Coast ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage6.Coast[Bridge Wrekonize](Yup good morning) Open up my
48 7.DIVE ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage7.DIVE(feat. Stevie Stone)[Verse1- Wrekonize] My momma
49 8.Something In the Air ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage8.Something In the Air(feat. Femi Kuti)[Hook Wrekonize]
50 9.Space Cadet ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage9.Space Cadet[Intro- Bernz] Two Three Five Seven[Chorus
51 10.Into the Night ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage10.Into the Night[Chorus-Wrekonize] Into the night I go
52 11.Stay Away from You ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage11.Stay Away from You(feat. Ryan”Myagi” Evans)[Chorus-
53 12.All the Time ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage12.All the Time[Verse1:Wrekonize] You had a lot of frie
54 13.Ten Thirty Three ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage13.Ten Thirty Three[Verse1:Bernz] Lost in America Lost
55 14.Antenna ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage14.Antenna[Intro Wrekonize] From a land far away I'm re
56 15.One Wing ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage15.One Wing(feat. Ces Cru)[Verse1- Bernz] Motherfucker
57 16.Know It ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage16.Know It(feat. Tech N9ne& Stige)[Hook Stige] It feels
58 17.Brother ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage17.Brother ... [Hook¡MAYDAY!] Brother Brother I've been tryin ... gs)[Hook:¡MAYDAY!] Brother Brother I've been tryi
59 18.Against My BetterJudgement ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage18.Against My BetterJudgement[Bridge] Against my better
60 20.The Last Sunrise ¡Mayday!-Future Vintage20.The Last Su ... br>[Intro¡MAYDAY!] Lets ride! So let's ride! So le ... 'em[Hook:¡MAYDAY!] I went fishing! Down deep in th ... ht![Hook:¡MAYDAY!] I went fishing! Down deep in th ... se[Outro:¡MAYDAY!] So lets ride! So lets ride! So
61 15.The Closure ing shit down nigga mayday Man I hop on these beats for my dawgs in the streets To the cells I'mma send t
62 5.Siren Sound Sound Mayday mayday A deviant on a tirade Broadcasting hearsay Sirens sound the evacuation call To clear the streets and make your way back home ... ings and loyalty assessments) Mayday mayday A deviant cries Cynical slander
63 4.SOS urself in mayday mayday SOS send some help Nobody saves you from yourself SOS rescue me I'm not the man I want to be I've got a lot of people telling ... er you're gonna find yourself mayday mayday SOS send some help Nobody saves
64 9.Microphone Preem call it right it's mayday Right foot in melee strapped to light AK Have you[?]like IceJJ Do it for Em my
65 20.Torture your card mayday mayday Niggaz owe they life to God and
66 9.Storm in Me r>9.Storm in Me Mayday ragin' storm inside of me Make way tidal wave of crazy I never meant to break
67 4.Kb& Prisca– Kamikaze the kill Mayday Kamikaze Yeah yeah I'm crashing into you21 call me crazy I'm going for the kill ... crazy I'm going for the kill Mayday Kamikaze Yeah yeah[Verse1: KB] So what I might fail and this might not work You still gon' get this work Been given this work ... unting I'm going for the kill Mayday Kamikaze Yeah yeah Kamikaz
68 14.Hope(Featuring Bernz) u want to purchase? Mayday and Ces they got about a pound you heard this? Your whiskey glass half empty?
69 4.Vices out it's going down mayday! I'm seeing ladies that wanna be my baby Getting hella faded like bleach jeans
70 9.Microphone Preem(feat. Slaughterhouse) call it right it's mayday Right footed melee strapped a light AK Every bar get in the face like IceJJ Do
71 9.March e hurt The march to Mayday I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I
72 6.Nobody Cares(The Remix)(Feat. Krizz Kaliko Stevie Stone Wrekonize Bernz) nd I want¡MAYDAY! Kaliko Stevie Stone Ubi and Godi ... e speaker¡MAYDAY! mace they spray liters Wavin' al ... em Kaliko¡MAYDAY! Ces Cru Strangeland we mix all
73 14.We Are Free(Feat. Wreckonize Bernz) ter run along[Hook-¡MAYDAY!:] We are free we are We are free we are We are we are free We are we are free
74 11.Funny We love it callin' mayday SOS I don't know wheres my baby I don't feel so corny now now that the worlds
75 7.Quit ath today Mayday Mayday everybody's dyin' Told you bitch
76 5.Fight For It n calling mayday Said that we were meant to be but why won't you fight for it? Told me that you'd never leave but why won't you fight for it? ... me on come on come on calling mayday Said that we were meant to be bu
77 9.I Break Mirrors With My Face in the United States is you Anyday trip mayday trip Can't break my face i'm in a state trip Spit on you spit on me All we kno
78 1.Tabletops ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday1.Tabletops[Intro Murs]¡MURSDAY! Come on Come on! Get u
79 2.Fools Gold ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday2.Fools Gold[Hook] Fool's gold Digging for soul Cause I
80 3.Spiked Punch ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday3.Spiked Punch[Verse1:Bernz] Somebody put a little bit of that alcohol In my little red cup and we can ... l mix of bi-coastal spit Murs Mayday Mayday Murs what a loco fit I got shade
81 4.New Years Day ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday4.New Years Day[Verse1:Murs] Tonight is epic it's one o
82 5.Here ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday5.Here[Intro Wrekonize] We were gonna be something We w
83 6.Bitcoin Beezy ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday6.Bitcoin Beezy[Verse1:Murs] I got a condo in Miami fly
84 7.Beast Out the Box ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday7.Beast Out the Box[Hook] I let the beast out the box I
85 8.Serge's Song ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday8.Serge's Song[Verse1:Bernz] Hola mi amigo hace tanto t
86 9.You Again ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday9.You Again[Hook Wrekonize] I know what I know I can't
87 10.Brand New Get Up ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday10.Brand New Get Up[Hook] Get out of your body Get out
88 11.New Toys(Hey Love) ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday11.New Toys(He ... ways this¡MAYDAY! van and I can never park Who the ... e fuck is¡MAYDAY!
89 12.My Own Parade ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday12.My Own Parade[Intro Wrekonize(Bernz)] Momma always s
90 13.Zones ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday13.Zones[Verse1:Bernz] Yeah that's how it goes fuck wha
91 14.Give You My All ¡MAYDAY! & Murs-Mursday14.Give You My All[Hook QuESt] Now if I give you my all
92 8.DeathEater an muster Mayday mayday we're nothing more than skin and
93 7.My Demons emons Mayday! Mayday! The ship is slowly sinking They
94 3.Trigger Finger er play its gone be mayday Take a nigga bird by my goddamn self i don't really need no foreplay[Hook: You
95 9.Mayday Feat. Young Thug llet9.Mayday Feat. Young Thug[Hook Zuse] I don't talk pussy nigga better pipe down If I want it I'mma take it nigga right now You be f ... yo' bitch all in a night gown Mayday! Man down! Mayday! Man down! You be flexin' round this bitch like this ain't my town Run up in yo' crib ya in ya night gown[Verse1: Young Thug] ... no Scott[Hook][Verse2: Zuse] Mayday man down Kingston nigga run ya damn town Oh Thugga we gon' kill them niggas hands down Stand down or get s
96 6.Time's Up ou It's a mayday it's a mayday There must be something else I could do It's a ... ething else I could do It's a mayday it's a mayday Instead of guarding this desk for you Time's up! You've been wishing your life away Time's up! You've been wishing your life ... u've held me this long It's a mayday it's a mayday Time just marches on It's a mayday it's a mayday I don't know how you've held me this long Time's up! You've been wishing your life away
97 5.Five Miles Out2013 Remaster ting you. Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Calling all stations! This is G
98 7.Five Miles Out Demo ting you. Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Calling all stations! This is G
99 10.Mirage Live In Cologne6th December1982 Five Miles Out Tour ting You. Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Calling All Stations! This Is G
100 11.Family Man Live In Cologne6th December1982 Five Miles Out Tour ting you. Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Calling all stations! This is G

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