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¡MAYDAY! & Murs( Mayday x Murs )

Serge's Song

[Verse 1:Bernz]
Hola mi amigo hace tanto tiempo que no te visto
En el paraíso (dime)
Cárceles de vidrio
Detras del hierro no te me pierdas
Ojala salgas al mar y arena
El mundo que te quiera
La gente dice que nada es 'easy'
Por eso pido a quien me bendice
Que me cuiden a mi pana
Cuando te vea tremenda pea
Tiramos fiesta hasta al nuevo día
Tu familia aqui te espera

[Verse 2: Wrekonize]
What up, kid? I know shit is rough doing your bid
When it went down, you shouldn't have did what you did

[Verse 3: Murs]
Fuck it bro that's how it go, it is what it is
Now I'm locked down, tryin' to get it how I live
What's up with my kid? What's up with my lady?
I heard she out there widlin', is she really going crazy?

[Verse 4: Wrekonize]
Yeah, she trying to bait me into playing shady
Games and change daily, on some 'fuck him pay me'
I'm just there for you trying to keep them secure
But she ain't tryna hear it, she just show me the door

[Verse 5: Murs]
Just like a whore she don't write me no more
They tryin' to give me 10 but I'll be home in 4

[Verse 6: Bernz]
Segundo verso como el comienzo
Para los perdidos en el universo
Ojala te llegue
La vida viene con sol y nieve
Se te derrite si no la bebes
No pierdas mucho tiempo
Baila conmigo y nunca te olvido
Como Julieta y otros que han ido
Un mundo parecido
Despierte niño no estes dormido
Que todo cuelga de un pobre hilo
Lo que cargas es un filo

[Verse 7: Murs]
I heard you been tourin' I know you been scorin'
Send me some flicks of them hoes in some Jordans

[Verse 8: Wrekonize]
Yeah, career's scorching, I got you on the gear
Never fear for your portion, fuck the distortion
They trying to get ya soul from ya and run ya down
I'm just hoping you good until your time come around

[Verse 9: Murs]
You used to be underground now you on TV
Told em that I know you, but these dudes don't believe me
I remember we would bang on them tables
Now you're getting money and you're signed to a label

[Verse 10: Wrekonize]
Yeah just know we doing everything we can to save you
Keep your head high and your thoughts with the angels

[Outro: Murs]
Un Amor