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¡MAYDAY! & Murs( Mayday x Murs )

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¡MAYDAY! & Murs( Mayday x Murs )


We were gonna be something
We were gonna be stars
We were gonna be on one
We were gonna be gods
We were gonna be someone
But we didn't know who
We were gonna be reckless
We had nothing to lose

[Hook: Wrekonize]
But we never belonged here
No, we never belonged
I let go of the lost years
I let go of it all
Cause we never belonged here
No we never belonged
So I'm singing these songs here
As if nothing was wrong
No, we never belonged here

For this I'm on cruise control, for this I might lose my soul
A square peg, a cracked egg, lost in my school's own

Now I tried drinking and smoking
Wishing and dreaming and hoping, that I could be one of the chosen
Why can't they see that I'm lonely?

Or even see I'm coasting, across this social ocean
I'm swimming back and scoping, some place that I can soak in

Still fighting that good fight

Still paying for food fights

And wondering why we were slept on


They treated me like an outcast, but not like Big and Three Stacks
I saw them players ballin' and knew that I'd never be that

I'm climbing the rocks to re-match, the earth that scraped my knee-caps
You won't be holding me back, no-how, you better believe that

No feedback, don't need that, to find ourselves in weed bags
This shit is a trip, we writing these hits, hoping I never see rehab

And never will see them again

Our family is better than friends

We used to pretend to fit in