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¡MAYDAY! & Murs( Mayday x Murs )

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¡MAYDAY! & Murs( Mayday x Murs )


Come on, Come on!
Get up, Get up!
Yeah, Yeah!
Jump, jump!

What up though, this ¡MURSDAY!
Know the game wanted this in the worst way
Like a nigga tryna fuck on the first date
From the West Coast that's my birth place
L.A., CA, all day I stay in Dodger blue and gray
Do It Big Keep It Strange
All day from the 8-1-6 to the M-I-A!

I'm like ooohh eeee naturally
These muhfuckas all live in a fantasy
Schoolyard MC, no sympathy
I got a bone to pick with they faculty
They ain't a fan of me and my friends
Always bangin' beats on they bench
Wanna keep us under their lens till we burn like ants
Cause we the chosen

Give me that table knock
Friends went and had babies and changed the locks
Got a job at a desk where they slave for the checks
And they judged me just cuz I drink a lot
God Damn
See me, Ima be that monster, pray for props
Let em all have paper and race for stocks
All I ever needed was to bang tabletops!

Bang-Bang-Bangin' on these tabletops! [x4]
Bangin, we bangin, we bangin, we bangin
Bangin, we bangin, BANGIN' ON THESE TABLETOPS!

Fuck all y'all it's my turn
In the past year wanna know what I learned
Everybody wanna be the next hot shit
Don't nobody wanna feel that fire burn
Don't nobody wanna work hard now
On the internet feelin' like stars now
But if you got funk then swing monkey
If not then put them bars down

Never was a popular kid, a social misfit
I just wrote rhymes and chased bitches
Battle any mothafucka talkin slick shit
Chip on my shoulder size of Texas
That's how I learned natural selection
Skippin' class to go learn my lesson
SP12 and MPC weapons
All became my personal obsession

Respect direction
Deck the henchman
Best invention since the next dimension
My venom is a sentiment of sexual tension
I bang out hard when the wenches crept in, the end
This'll be the shit that'll keep em all down lo-pro guessin
Got my knuckles on the table down flexin', strechin' the words till it fix my reflection

On the verge of a nervous breakthrough
With my crew with a magnum of grey goose

Dodging all the haters and the fake crews
While we take the crown out at paid dues

I'm on Faygo and two shots
With ¡MURSDAY! comin' up to the top

Everybody wanna be the top dawg but ain't drug their knuckles on tabletops