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No thank you to give me a your body.
I gotta take you on my bed doing myself.
God of lightning gonna strikes you what get happens?!
goes like this.

Anything you talk to me fire.
Nobody take that girl night never.
Loving you is hard to me.
Take over again!! You were the fucking shit.

You said 'I will never fall to you.'
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I never wanna show you shame

Run to the hell I gotta fight myself.
You shouldn't be all I see.
Love her all I can do it myself.
You were the Rush. People like running to the hell.
Going to your around is We already can't work cause Rush is gone.

People say don't pass hard way.
and they say 'I make sure your wrong.'
But I don't have you from first.
Take over and again. Bring you hell.

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