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Red Sky


Waching it in the red sky
Everything had been in the redsky

'No more war'the man told us faked face.
The Death Stars keeps this world stabilization

We don't ever know the true at all.
Just keeping you run away from your sight.

Let me see the true colors of that sky that sky.

Someday we'll witness the skyfall.
We had known everything As it be down.
We don't have a lot of the time to survive.
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I gonna brake it in the redsky.
I gonna brake it in the redsky. oh oh oh oh
Get ready for the war.
We have to crash (the) they in the red sky. oh oh oh oh.
Let's get down
oh Ah oh
Everything I've been seeing that in the redsky.

I'll be in the red sky.

He gives me two choices.
For solving what I want to know.
I don't trust you cause I want to hide it.
Trust me so we can't know around.

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