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No Better Time (feat. Cise Starr and DJ Jav)

You waiting on me?
You waiting on him?
You waiting on her?
You waiting on them
You waiting for a miracle to fall from the sky with your blessing
But ain't no better time than the present

VERSE 1 (Cise Starr)
Seconds' minutes to hours
Turning into days coward these
Months becoming years
And these fears becoming towers
Looming over your hopes then plans becoming sour
Then dreams beget regret regress and then devour
Time waiting for none
The gift is in the present
you presently doing nothing then nothing in your presence
Gotta put in that work cause
work is in the essence
Cause faith without some action is death and missed blessings
Just wishing and praying
Never changed a situation
So If you going to God you better pray for motivation
Gotta get up and get it
Being alive and vivid
Don't be like Moses waiting for Aaron
You go and finish
And in the end
He mastered self and got the win
Or be like Jacob ready to wrestle with Seraphim
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Find your voice true
Find your step do
Just get it together, stop sitting waiting to lose


So what waiting on? (4x)

VERSE 2 (Substantial)
Your way to great was a save a date
That never arrived. Potential you done made'em wait forever...
My God. Why you scared of success?
Your worst is better than nothing if you dare to progress
The future's within your grasp but you're sitting on your hands
Refusing to save your ass by executing your plans.
Rather talk me to death then walk in the life
You always wanted, it's haunting you in your dreams at night
But you could've had, should've did, would've got on
But the fat lady's center stage singing that song
''Cause you don't what you've got 'til it's gone'
Can't miss what you ain't had all along
What better time than the present?
What's present's better than time? Even if you only shine for a second
15 minutes of fame, eternally forgotten
Or try to live forever are your options


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