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The Sub Way (feat. Precious Joubert)

Started in Cheverly, the line was orange
On January 7th, a star was born
Stayed in Seat Pleasant 'til mom and I moved on
To the next stop, come ride along
Left pops, moms tired of the fighting and tears
So in Landover's where I spent my formative years
While living here I met my oldest of peers
Underprivileged yet I'm overcoming my fears
Like robberies and shootins, now we out in Suitland
Right behind my high school to focus on my schoolin'
No longer boostin, now I'm beat looping
Pre-To This Union, writing with my blue pen
Penning blue lines from Pentagon & Addison
Battle raps dumb funny like Billy Madison
Battlin, til my name spread like a pathogen
This is just the start I can feel it in my abdomen!

All I see is lines, letters, colors
Zippin' right by, with plenty numbers
Runnin' thru my mind, what to make of it
It'll make sense one day

All I see is lines, letters, colors
Zippin' right by, with plenty numbers
limit's the sky, ready, comin'
Take the Sub way

Left Maryland, but still spittin these bars
Next stop Brooklyn, off of Clinton & Wash
New York, New York was the City of Gods
In Hip Hop, big stage. Hope they give me a part
Took the 4 Union Square, rap ciphers galore
Or the A to West 4th hoping I'm in the store
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Fats Beats showed love, thought I made it for sure
Years later, All City on an NY tour… now...


Take the J to Koscuiszko to see old the crib
Or the 2 to Flatbush another place that I lived
Shot to JFK, first Tokyo trip
Bullet train's like magic, blew my whole brain to bits
everything's changin' chances being taken
More time at Grand Central and Penn Station
OT. Brazen… confidence. Amazing…
Where my train of thought took me with a little training


Headed back to MD had a family to start
Now in Baltimore City couple minutes from the MARC
Spending time in DC teaching youth and rippin mics
Kill a show on U St. at Benning Road I save a life
Did the same off Southern Ave. teaching kids to rhyme & more
If I wasn't with the youth, highly like I'm on tour
Then our brother Junior passed rocked our family to the core
Relocated to VA to hold the fam down for sure
Out in the burbs not too far Dunn Loren
Still nice with the verbs and far from done touring
Now we in Huntington and I'm maturing
Still in PG everyday 'cause I'ma support'em
Where it all started, I'll head home someday
Journey's never easy but I'm making it... someway
Some tracks are curved and some straight
And not everybody will take the Sub way

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