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Anything Goes

(feat. Saukrates & Skratch Bastid)

Anything Goes. (Yeah)
Anything Goes. (Yeah)
Anything Goes (uh, look)

Lo and behold, my mojo's out of control
Back at it, I'm no joke, going for gold
I've been around, put it down all over the globe
Still the Nova Scotian in me comes outta my mouth (The East Coast)
My accent is evident
No neglecting it I represent my residence (The East Coast)
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And I don't hang with anyone who sell fish
Pass the weed I can smell it, ugh
Heavyweight. Attitude like Chevy Chase
I'm over thirty, it's too late for you to straight.
I don't ball. I ball hockey
Now what you call cocky, Bob Marley meets Paul Coffey
(People wake up)
Top of the morn'
I been a motherfucker way before my daughter was born.
Turn the clocks back, and check the lock on your door
cause it ain't safe outside no more when anything goes

[Hook: Saukrates]
I got the world in my palm
Lights, Camera, Action it's on
I can't describe what I'm feeling
Ain't never felt this freedom
I got the world in my palm
Lights, Camera, Action it's on
Ain't never felt this freedom
Could ya, could ya say that anything goes?
Anything goes. Anything go-o-oes.
I said anything goes, anything goes, anything go-o-oes.

I ain't on the same schedule as most, my demeanor and my timing is a little o-o-offbeat
Whether it's rhymes or the marketing schemes or the beats, best believe everything it's a-a-all me
I'm on stage free-styling off the head
Got the crowd reaching up, trying to grab me like the walking dead
I love hip-hop but fuck rap
Y'all can suck a dick and lick the nutsack to the buttcrack (people get up)
Life's a journey not a destination
People go to try to burn me with no hesitation
Can't change, you can only change me
I ain't losing any sleep, we ain't in the same league
Fans ain't buying albums anymore cause everyone's trying to make singles
Stop trying to stop overnight like a pringle
I built a foundation, a real fanbase and anything goes.

[Ad-lib - Skratch Bastid]
The one and only
The real deal hip-hop
Now lets go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Anything goes

It don't take much convincing to coax and to rope in these hoes when coke's in the nose and
Girls acting like morons
Face covered in make-up, putting more on and more on
Maybe it's a fact I'm a father to a daughter but a lot of these broads act real fucking dumb
And don't get it wrong, I enjoy having fun
But I know not to burn when I'm taking in the sun
Check the metaphor
I don't contaminate the reservoir
I stay pure, overthinking til' my head is sore
I see what I see, I know what I know, but yo, something gotta give when anything goes.


Anything goes